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Who Are The Top 10 West Coast Celebrity Chefs For Personal Appearances?

Celebrity Chef Network breaks down the top 10 west coast celebrity chefs available for cookbook signings, live cooking demos, celebrity chef speaking engagements and other personal appearances. Foodies know the west coast has some of the best food and celebrity chef personalities in the world! First of all, the scenery and endless opportunity sets the […]

Hire Celebrity Chefs In The $20,000 – $50,000 Fee Range

Celebrity Chef Network can connect you with the best celebrity chefs for hire in the $20,000 – $50,000 budget range! We all know top celebrity chefs make wonderful motivational speakers and event entertainers. They create a fun dynamic, a festive atmosphere, offer thoughtful insight, and are familiar faces that people gravitate towards. You may think, […]

Hire Top Chefs In The $10,000 – $20,000 Fee Range

These days, celebrity chefs are more popular than ever! You know their names. The Bobby Flay’s and Rachael Ray’s of the world are as much their own brand as they are celebrity chefs. No doubt they are some of the most requested celebrity chefs for hire in today’s day and age. Having said that, their […]

Hire Celebrity Chefs from the Country’s Food Center: New York City

Celebrity Chef Speakers Bureau New York is a division of Celebrity Chef Network dedicated to assisting companies and organizations interested in booking celebrity chefs in the New York area. All across the country, the food industry is transforming. You can see it from coast to coast, north to south, and everywhere in between. Still, some […]

Learn About Celebrity Chef Speakers Bureau Los Angeles Top Celebrity Chefs!

Celebrity Chef Speakers Bureau Los Angeles is a division of Celebrity Chef Network dedicated to assisting clients interested in booking celebrity chefs in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Ah, the City of Angels. Here’s a land full of dreamers, creators, and abundant sunshine. Long has L.A. been the beacon of hope, of reinvention for […]

When Hiring a Celebrity Chef for Endorsements, What Should You Expect?

You’ve created a hefty budget for a spokesperson—maybe with heavy negotiation. With that, you want to make sure you’re hiring a celebrity chef for endorsements that meets and exceeds your team’s expectations. At Celebrity Chef Network, we have a database of thousands of celebrity chefs for hire to help take your event, product, or service […]

How to Utilize a Celebrity Chef for Events & Expos

Booking a celebrity chef for events is an art. With so many talented and versatile chefs for hire, it’s hard to know which one is the right fit. At Celebrity Chef Network, our expertise is knowing how to match the ideal celebrity chef for events. We’re pros. Trust us, we know there’s a lot to […]

Hire Celebrity Chef Restaurateurs: Why They Make the Best Entrepreneur Motivators

Every event needs to be special. It needs to excite and inform, and leave attendees inspired. This is especially important for an event targeted towards people starting their own business. They’re taking a risk and are looking for both ideas and a confidence boost. If you’re looking to motivate entrepreneurs, you should consider booking one […]

Nutrition Speakers – Top Trending List – January 11

Celebrity Chef Network is a leading celebrity chef and food personality booking agency. We are dedicated to helping companies/organizations hire top level speakers for trade shows, conferences, fundraisers and other special events. Below are the top 10 trending Nutrition Speakers available for hire:   Joy Bauer: When it comes to today’s top nutrition speakers, it’s only […]

Why Hire a Celebrity Chef for Your Next Celebrity Marketing Campaign?

When you’re strategizing a new celebrity marketing campaign, you want to create something new and fresh! You want a celebrity marketing campaign that will intrigue and motivate your customer. Celebrities are an exciting way to generate conversation. But maybe your product needs a little more spice, a big personality, something a little more intimate. Maybe […]

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