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BIO: Celebrity Chef Seth Greenburg’s background is filled with a variety of experiences and cuisines. He has mastered classical French techniques, learned the nuances of progressive American cooking and even delved into world of modern culinary gastronomy. Currently, Chef Greenburg is the executive chef of Santa Monica’s chic eatery, The Penthouse, and he recently launched the popular Long Beach, California establishment, Biggs Restaurant. At Biggs, Chef Greenburg emphasizes putting a Californian twist on Mediterranean cuisine. Also to note, Biggs became the first Los Angeles Times reviewed and rated restaurant in Long Beach.

Seth Greenburg’s culinary career began we he was just 17 years old. Throughout his career, Chef Greenburg has trained and worked at such renowned restaurants as L’Orangerie in Los Angeles and Cuisine Francais in Chicago. At both restaurants he worked side-by-side with two-star Michelin chef Gilles Epié. Additionally, Greenburg served as the opening executive chef at Dakota restaurant at the famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California.

An example of Chef Seth Greenburg’s exquisite flavors can be seen through his signature dishes served at The Penthouse. Some of the dishes he cooks up include Chilled Oysters with Serrano Ham and Tuscan Melon Granita, Bone-In Short Rib with Baby Potato and Organic Carrots and Wilted Pea Tenderils. Celebrity Chef Seth Greenburg is available for speaking engagements, endorsements, and cooking demonstrations.

WHO REPRESENTS SETH GREENBURG: Celebrity Chef Seth Greenburg can be hired for endorsements and events in roles such as culinary consultant, event planner, public speaker, autograph signings, cooking demonstrations, hosting, Mommy Blogger events, SMTS, public relation campaigns, team building events and corporate hospitality.

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