Hire Alain DucasseeRegarded as one of the premier French cuisine specialists, celebrity chef AlainDucasse has expanded his success as an entrepreneur and restaurateur. Knownfor clean, complex dishes, the celebrity chef came to the United States afterfinding success as a restaurant owner in France and Monaco. He now ownsover twenty restaurants in major cities around the world that represent his uniqueFrench prospective. Through the meticulous training of all of his restaurantproponents, the celebrity chef has been able to maintain a solid reputation as ahigh-class restaurateur.
Alain Ducasse has also found success as an author to cookbooks and foodguides such as “Alain Ducasse’s Culinary Encyclopedia.” The French chef hasalso opened a cooking school in Paris and worked with the European SpaceAgency to develop meals for astronauts. The upscale French chef has becomea popular worldwide celebrity speaker, particularly known for taking thought intowhere his ingredients come from, and promoting the use of local, healthy foods.

The celebrity chef is so renown that he was recently invited to be the specialguest and caterer of the royal wedding of Monaco in July. For the event, Prince Albert has requested that the food represent the Mediterranean area through theuse of local and ethical food. Alain Ducasse, along with a team of 350, will beserving fresh line-caught fish from the area rather than importing.
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