Learn more about Cat Cora and recent announcement that she is rolling out a kitchenware outlet online with the help of Cooking.com. Hire a Celebrity Chef for a Celebrity Endorsements to target food lovers and amateur gourmets for branding and appearances.

Adding to the world of online cookware sales, Cat Cora has joined the ring; Cora announced her partnership with Cooking.com to offer an online store selling cookware and kitchenware. The Celebrity Chef produces Starfrit, her initial line of cookware announced in 2011 as well as Cat Cora’s Kitchen, a line of Greek products such as olive and vinegar sauces. The new site offers cookware such as cutlery, kitchenware and storage tools.

Cat Cora is a key proponent of promoting healthy eating habits, which she has prioritized by promoting healthy Mediterranean recipes. She hopes that this new line of kitchenware will allow families to eat healthy while being able to cook and still eat healthily. Cooking.com is focused on providing innovative cooking solutions for online shoppers and currently works with the Food Network, Rachael Ray, Paula Deen, and other stores for many a Celebrity Chef currently offers close to 60,000 products for chefs.

Cat Cora burst onto the scene in 2005 as the only female to win Iron Chef America on the Food Network. Since then she has released three well-received cookbooks, written one children’s book, opened three restaurants across the country and even released a line of wines. In addition to this dizzying list of accomplishments, she has signed on to be the host of a new Bravo show titled 80 Plates Around The World. She supplements these activities by working with a charity she started named Chefs for Humanity as well as UNICEF and also submits recipes and articles for the Oprah Magazine.

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