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Celebrity Chefs are taking “surf and turf” to a whole nother level! For years, longevity in the industry meant opening restaurants, writing cookbooks, and hosting your own cooking show on TV. Many Celebrity Chef personalities also make celebrity chef appearances and do a number of celebrity chef speaking engagements each year. Now Celebrity Chefs are beginning to see the importance of a floating investment: celebrity chef cruises and restaurants!

Just this week, the founding father of Hawaiian fusion cuisine Roy Yamaguchi announced he will be opening a new Roy’s Restaurant location at sea with MSC Cruises onboard the MSC Seaside. He is not the first Celebrity Chef to do this in the last few years and he certainly won’t be the last. The likes of Curtis Stone, Jamie Oliver, Geoffrey Zakarian and Wolfgang Puck are just a few of the many top Celebrity Chefs with restaurants locations floating around the globe each year aboard industry-leading cruise lines.

So what it is about opening a restaurant and making celebrity chef appearances on cruises ships that makes it so inviting for today’s Celebrity Chef? Ummm…. Everything! We’re talking about a full plate of opportunity for Celebrity Chefs here. They get the chance to extend their personal brand in a unique industry. They get the chance to meet & greet new fans all over the world and broaden their fan base. On top of that, the food they provide will forever be attached to fond memories of cruise ship guests all over the world.

Really, it’s a no brainer.

Appearances on celebrity chef cruises and opening your own restaurant on a touted vessel can do wonders for any Celebrity Chef’s career. It’s not a definite rite of passage, but it’s become the most exciting one! So maybe you’re a cruise line interested in hosting a Celebrity Chef for celebrity chef speaking or cooking demos on your ship. Maybe you want to replicate the island cruise feel at your next event. The booking team here at Celebrity Chef Network has vast experience in booking Celebrity Chefs for all types of activations and events.

If you are interested in hiring a Celebrity Chef for your next event, or would like to discuss the potential of hosting Celebrity Chefs on your cruise line, contact Celebrity Chef Network today! Our team of experienced booking agents can help you determine the best Celebrity Chef personality in your budget range to excite the audience or guests at your next celebrity chef speaking opportunity or special event.

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