hire-robert-irvineUnique deal focuses on the hospitality industry and how efficiencies can be made in the Workplace!

It was announced today that the star of several top rated Food Network shows including Restaurant Impossible, Dinner Impossible, The Next Iron Chef and Worst Cooks in America has signed on to work with Comcast Business to head up several new initiatives.  These initiatives are focused on traditional and experimental marketing that Comcast Business and Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine will utilize to provide information and education to hotel, bar and restaurant owners around the country.

This initiative is focused on the importance of utilizing technology in an integrated manor to assist in creating efficiencies in hotels, restaurants and bars via high speed communications for things such as voice mail, internet, track inventory and on-line reservations.   Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine will be booked to take a hands on approach to his participation with Comcast business via local personal appearances that customers and new business opportunities can interactive with Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine to experience many of these on line initiatives and experimental executions.  Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine was hired to attend these events and will show customers how Comcast Business is building technology to assist in their everyday business needs.  Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine’s participation solidifies the credibility of the offering based on his massive experience with hotels, restaurants and bars.

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