Who Are The Top 10 West Coast Celebrity Chefs?

Celebrity Chef Network breaks down the top 10 west coast celebrity chefs available for cookbook signings, live cooking demos, celebrity chef speaking engagements and other personal appearances.

Foodies know the west coast has some of the best food and celebrity chef personalities in the world! First of all, the scenery and endless opportunity sets the tone. Lush with farmland, local produce flourishing all year and the ocean that offers fresh fish daily. Not to mention the fun-loving attitude that somehow finds its way into the food. The West Coast has it going on, with some of the nation’s best chefs to boot. Below are the top 10 west coast celebrity chefs available for hire:

hire wolfgang puckWolfgang Puck: When Wolfgang Puck moved to California, he found his niche. The ambitious Austrian chef fell in love with West Coast produce and culture, and thank goodness! The restaurateur has over 35 restaurants worldwide, and his newest endeavor was just announced. Fish, a dining concept, will take over the old Gladstones location on the Pacific Coast Highway. In addition, the 2.8-acre masterpiece will be designed by the legendary Frank Gehry and offer café, upscale, and outdoor dining. Everyone wants a piece of Wolfgang and his fine cooking for their next event!

hire richard blaisRichard Blais: Richard is blazing his way to the top of the west coast heap with tantalizing recipes and go-to restaurants. Based in San Diego, this Top Chef alum is the man behind the popular restaurants Juniper & Ivy, Crack Shack and FLIP Burger Joint. His huge personality has made him a hit host/judge for a number of Food Network shows to boot. In addition, Richard loves live demos and has each crowd wrapped around his finger by events end.

hire ayesha curryAyesha Curry: This San Francisco-based best selling cookbook author is one connected lady! Ayesha is the wife of NBA champion Steph Curry and the mother of 2 beautiful children. She started her own Youtube cooking channel  a fews years ago and viola! The public loves her. It wasn’t long before she got her own show on the Food Network. Ayesha opened her first restaurant, International Smoke, in November of 2017 with fellow San Fran chef Michael Mina. The global-cuisine inspired restaurant was so successful that they’re opening another one in Miami very soon!

hire-michael-minaMichael Mina: As one of the culinary industry’s most entrepreneurial chefs, Michael Mina has a stronghold on the culinary world. The San Francisco-based chef has 38 restaurants all over the country, and holds a Michelin Star. Not too shabby, eh? Loyal to California, Mina sticks to the west coast more often than not, and his latest opening is no exception. A re-concepted Bourbon Steak recently opened in lux Dana Point to rave reviews.

hire antonia lofasoAntonia Lofaso: What better way to indulge in Venice Beach than with a killer Italian dinner? Or knock back the best cocktails in the city after work? Antonia Lofaso has all that covered with top restaurants Scopa, Black Market Liquor Bar, and the Local Peasant. Food, drink, and ambiance. Perfection! Antonia has also been called upon as a main consultant on the CNBC show Restaurant Startup in addition to her own fashion-forward line of chef apparel, Chefletics. This west coast celebrity chef has got it goin’ on!

hire-thomas-kellerThomas Keller: When you think NorCal, you think Thomas Keller. The three-time Michelin star chef is the creme of the crop when it comes to west coast celebrity chefs for hire. The French Laundry is a staple of the west coast culinary scene. The restaurant was recently reopened in 2017 after a 4-year renovation and is back and better than ever! Thomas doesn’t book a lot of celebrity chef engagements outside of his own endeavors. Having said that, he is open to celebrity chef appearances that make sense for him and his brand.

hire-brian-malarkeyBrian Malarkey: This San Diego proud chef made his mark with restaurants that have gone on to national success as they open in other cities. His restaurant report card includes Herb & Wood, Herb & Eatery, and Green Acre to name a few. Brian is now focusing on not one but two new restaurants — Herb & Sea Encinitas and an Asian-themed luxury restaurant, Animae. His celebrity chef appearances mirror his restaurants: thoughtful, stylish, and exquisitely executed!

hire-mary-sue-milliken-susan-fenigerSusan Feniger: A Los Angeles Gold Award recipient (with business partner Mary Sue Milliken), Susan Feniger is one of the most beloved west coast celebrity chefs in the biz. With Milliken, she helms the Border Grill. BG is a happening Mexican Restaurant that expands beyond L.A. Soon in Las Vegas, the pair will open a new take-away window across from their Mandalay Bay Border Grill. The restaurant does not have a name yet. But rest assured it’ll serve the fabulous Mexican food the duo is known for.

hire-tyler-florenceTyler Florence: There’s no question, Tyler Florence’s Northern California roots are strong, and nothing hits home quite like his efforts during the Napa Valley fires last fall. Florence organized some 200,000 meals for victims and responders. The goodwill earned him an honor spotlight at a recent Red Cross gala. The chef’s culinary influence on the region includes restaurants, kitchen supply stores, and support programs. He’s undoubtedly one of the best west coast celebrity chefs for hire!

hire mette williamsMette Williams: Finally, Mette Williams cut her teeth in L.A.’s thriving food scene, working with masters like Wolfgang Puck. Williams is making her own waves now. After winning Anne Burrell’s television show, _Chef Wanted_, Williams is Executive Chef at Culina at the Four Seasons Los Angeles in Beverly Hills. She’s branching out to head the menu for the Hungarian restaurant TOMGEORGE, new to L.A.

Contact Us Today to hire West Coast Celebrity Chefs:

In conclusion, it’s clear that the West Coast food scene is a place where chefs of all levels thrive. Give us a call to learn more about rates, availability, and information about all the west coast celebrity chefs available to appear at your special event, trade show or conference. Our chef booking agents have a top-to-bottom plan of action to execute a celebrity chef event flawlessly. Finally, Celebrity Chef Network will save you time and money in your search for the perfect celebrity chef speaker!

Hire Celebrity Chefs In The $20,000 – $50,000 Fee Range

Celebrity Chef Network can connect you with the best celebrity chefs for hire in the $20,000 – $50,000 budget range!

We all know top celebrity chefs make wonderful motivational speakers and event entertainers. They create a fun dynamic, a festive atmosphere, offer thoughtful insight, and are familiar faces that people gravitate towards. You may think, then, that you should go for gold and hire the most well-known celebrity chef out there, but not so fast. Those millionaire celebrity chefs are expensive to book, and maybe you don’t have $100,000 to spend on talent. We like the idea of going to a middle ground: hire a celebrity chef with celebrity chef appearance fee $20,000 – $50,000 who’s recognizable, experienced, and excited to work with you!

Recently, we’ve worked with a bunch of these celebrity chefs. We booked chefs for celebrity chef speaking events, as well as celebrity chef live demos. Each of the events was fun and inspiring, and we think everyone should have these wonderful talents on their shortlist. Not only are they excellent personalities, they’re affordable! Each falls within a $20k-$50k price range. Booking a celebrity chef like this is a great idea. You’ll get a great talk at a great price.

Below are some irresistible chefs you should consider for your event with celebrity chef appearance fee $20,000 – $50,000:

hire-anne-burrellAnne Burrell: This popular celebrity chef is likely a face you know well. Burrell is a spiky peroxide blond with a fun personality to match. An old hand on the Food Network, Burrell is a pro at poise and professional speaking, while remaining real. Burrell’s written a cookbook, and her first restaurant just opened in Brooklyn to rave reviews. Down to earth, energetic, and real, Burrell brings a warm, entertaining aspect to your event.

hire amanda freitagAmanda Freitag: Classically trained, refined, and familiar, Freitag is a face you probably know as a regular on the Food Network and Bravo’s Top Chef. Freitag has studied with world-renowned chefs like Alain Ducasse and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, so she can add an element of definition, tradition, and discuss what it’s like to then venture out after expert tutelage. Freitag is a cookbook author and she was recently Executive Chef at the famous Empire Diner in New York. Working in the establishment, maintaining tradition, and building a career are areas Freitag can speak to well.

hire stephan pylesStephan Pyles: This veteran of the cooking industry has been a big name in Texas for decades. Pyles has created 22 restaurants in five cities, and he worked his way up from his first job as a busboy. The James Beard Award winner for Best Chef makes modern, delicious southwestern food. He’s known as the forefather of southwestern cuisine. For a chef who’s experienced, understands the franchise ins and outs, how to run a conglomerate, as well as willing to rethink the traditional, Pyles is your man.

All of these famous chefs for hire fall in the range of $20,000 – $50,000 fee range per event depending on the location and scope of work on-site.

celebrity-chef-richard-blaisRichard Blais: Another Top Chef alumni, Richard Blais made a name for himself when he won his season of the show. With a presence first in Atlanta, now, Blais is making waves in Southern California. From burgers to refined cuisine, Blais has his hands in several restaurants. He’s also a cookbook author, and a personality on the Food Network, where he makes regular appearances as a guest judge and show host. Funny, down to earth with a sophisticated edge, Blais isn’t afraid to do something new. As long as it’s done well! Blais is one of the most engaging and exciting chefs on the appearance circuit.

hire-carla-hallCarla Hall: What fun is Carla Hall? If you already watch The Chew, you know she’s funny, kind, and passionate. Hall is also a Top Chef favorite, cooking healthy food with love. Wonderful on stage, Hall makes for an engaging event. She’s also been formally trained in French cuisine, which she mixes with her southern roots. Hall is a speaker who makes her mark. Adding cookbook author to her already extensive resume, Hall is a natural celebrity chef speaker. Her ability to find passion and positivity in all she does makes her one of our favorite chefs for hire.

Celebrity Chef Network will help you book celebrity chefs in your budget range of $20,000 – $50,000 based on your specific event needs.

hire-beau-macmillanBeau MacMillan: Beau Mac has a different background than other chef. He didn’t compete on Top Chef, and he’s mostly focused on his two restaurants, element and Sanctuary at Camel Back in Phoenix. MacMillan brings his point of view to the table, with local food sourced from artisans. Still, MacMillan’s a television regular, appearing on The Next Iron Chef and a co-host on Worst Cooks in America. He’s a seasoned culinary vet with a huge personality! MacMillan is great if you’re looking for a down-to-earth celebrity chef with his own tasteful twist on classic American cuisine.

Celebrity Chef Speakers BureauAaron SanchezFood Network personality Aaron Sanchez heats up New Orleans with his modern and chic Mexican food, invoking a fine taqueria. Sanchez believes in preserving his heritage and including it in his cooking endeavors. Sanchez is not just a restaurant owner. In addition, he’s also a television regular judge on Chopped as well as a cookbook author. Sanchez’s approach to food creation is a deep commitment beyond the ingredients.

Celebrity Chef Event Execution:

Event ideas for these chefs include Q&A sessions, in which audience members can address their own agendas, as well as have influence on the information that’s being exchanged. A panel with the above group of chefs would make for a fascinating event. With such different backgrounds, goals, and specialties, you can get a variety of perspectives to create an honest and well-rounded discussion. Cooking demonstrations are the most fun, allowing your celebrity chef to bring their cooking skills to life for your audience. Finally, consider meet and greets. People love to talk to them, learn about their lives, or just say hello.

With so many options, why wouldn’t you hire one of these incredible chefs? We have a whole roster of celebrity chef speakers, and when you call a chef talent agent, together you’ll find the perfect speaker for your event. Rest assured, at our chef talent agency, we’ll help you design a dynamic event so your speaker shines, all with an affordable price tag. So call us today to hire a famous chef!

Hire Top Chefs In The $10,000 – $20,000 Fee Range

These days, celebrity chefs are more popular than ever!

You know their names. The Bobby Flay’s and Rachael Ray’s of the world are as much their own brand as they are celebrity chefs. No doubt they are some of the most requested celebrity chefs for hire in today’s day and age. Having said that, their prestige affords for high appearance fees in the 6-figures. Not every company or organization has that type of budget to spend to hire a chef for events. Maybe your budget can only afford celebrity chef appearance fee $10,000 – $20,000 in total.

It’s a big deal when you hire a celebrity chef. You don’t want to go with just anyone, you want to go with a cooking personality who sparkles. Do we have a treat for you! Celebrity Chef Network has connections with the biggest chef personalities in the $10,000 – $20,000 budget range.

That doesn’t mean you’re booking a celebrity chef speaker who isn’t an established professional. Quite the contrary!

Most of our clients find when you go with a chef whose more chef than star, you end up with a more intimate conversation. Hire a famous chef like this and it results in a more down to earth presentation. You get a chef who’s approachable and genuinely interested in the success of your event. These chefs have more date flexibility than the big name chefs. They’ll make the time and effort to give your audience a carefully constructed, unique, thoughtful presentation.

Many of our affordable options have had long, fascinating careers, along with incredible stories to share. Others are the rising stars of tomorrow, the next big thing, while some, still, have a niche they love and wouldn’t trade for anything—they’re in it for their mission and their passion.

Here are some incredible chefs you should consider for your speaking event with celebrity chef appearance fee $10,000 – $20,000:

Darren McGrady: Ah, The Royal Chef. This energetic Brit has the verve, the refinery, and the passion, not to mention the royal dirt, to make your event truly unique. McGrady, now a Texan, spent years cooking for the royal family, and then Princess Diana and her sons Prince William and Harry. Now, he’s at your service! McGrady does big events, private dinner parties, and everything in between. He’s cooked at the White House, and he’s been on countless television shows. These days, McGrady loves to give talks, reminisce about the old days, and excite his audiences with incredible live celebrity chef cooking demos. If he’s good enough for the Queen of England, he’s probably good enough for your crowd.

hire antonia lofasoAntonia Lofaso: You probably do know Antonia Lofaso, a popular Top Chef alumni who is taking Los Angeles by storm. She’s a familiar TV personality, acting as a judge on TV shows like Cutthroat Kitchen and an expert consultant on Restaurant Startup. She’s a cookbook author, and she even has her own line of chef’s clothes, Chefletics. In addition, Antonia’s got her hands in not one but two successful restaurants in Los Angeles. Not to mention her own catering company! Formally trained, Lofaso can talk about the traditional path to cooking, running restaurants, and finding a positive work-life balance. She is also available for live cooking demonstrations full of fun and good eats for all in attendance.

All of these chefs fall in the range of $10,000 – $20,000 per event depending on the location and scope of work on-site.

hire kristen kishKristen KishIf there’s a person to watch in the culinary landscape, it’s Kristen Kish. The budding phenom won her season of Top Chef, and was trained under super-chef Barbara Lynch in Boston. Now, Kish is branching out as the co-host of the foodie travel series 36 Hours. Her latest achievement is her technique concentrated cookbook that was released in October, 2017. If she sounds too good to be true, rest assured Kish is humble and likes to discuss her upbringing in a loving adopted household, and what it means to be Korean, but unattached to her ethnic background, having been raised by white parents in Michigan. An enthusiastic speaker, Kish is the perfect combination of ambition and humble nature.

hire joseph bonannoJoe BonannoDo you see smoke? The Healthy Firehouse Chef, Joe Bonanno, is either putting it out, or creating it on the grill! This New York City proud firefighter is a passionate and exciting speaker to host your event. He’s not a traditional choice, with a heavy New York accent and often donning his firefighter uniform (or his NY blue chef gear), but don’t be fooled. Bonanno has culinary school training, and has the chops to great fine dining. While he likes to treat his firehouse peers to a great meal, Bonanno prefers to get the fighters in the kitchen to flaunt their stuff on his new series, American Firehouse Cuisine. Did we mention he’s healthy? A certified nutritionist, Bonanno cooks food you want to eat, that’s good for you. For a fun and original talk and cooking demo, Bonanno is your man.

Celebrity Chef Network will match you with the top celebrity chefs in your budget range of $10,000 – $20,000.

hire devin alexanderDevin Alexander: This firecracker is all over television and the speaker scene because she’s a great personality. Perky, passionate, and an excellent show woman, Alexander wants to teach people to eat healthy food… but it’s more than that. Alexander feels happiness leads to health and success,. Her attitude towards food is enough to make you restock your refrigerator! Having lost and kept off 70 pounds for 20 years, Alexander is not the model turned health expert. Rather, a person just like your audience who had to figure out how to change her lifestyle. Alexander makes for a wonderful demonstrator while she teaches the audience to cook differently, or as a keynote speaker who can talk about life, surmounting impossible goals, and living a healthier overall lifestyle.

As you can see, there’s a ton to take away from these chefs with celebrity chef appearance fee $10,000 – $20,000. Great stories, anecdotes, inspiration, business techniques, and a better approach to life, what more would you want from a speaker than what one of these top celebrity chefs has to offer? Contact our celebrity chef agents today to talk about which chef is right for your event! In addition to these top celebrity chefs, you can view more celebrity chefs for hire at celebrity chef appearance fee $10,000 – $20,000.

Hire Celebrity Chefs from the Country’s Food Center: New York City

Celebrity Chef Speakers Bureau New York is a division of Celebrity Chef Network dedicated to assisting companies and organizations interested in booking celebrity chefs in the New York area.

All across the country, the food industry is transforming. You can see it from coast to coast, north to south, and everywhere in between. Still, some things never change. That holds true for the old standby New York City and its ever prominent food scene. Celebrity Chef Speakers Bureau New York was built specifically to connect companies and organizations with top celebrity chefs in New York for special events and marketing campaigns.

It’s no surprise that our most famous chefs all have at least a presence in New York. We love their drive, their intellect, and their grit in creating the very best dishes. Chefs who thrive in New York are motivators who can ignite a little passion in all of us. These top celebrity chefs are excellent choices for speaking events, demonstrations, cooking events, food festivals, and appearances (with a little bite to go with it, perhaps?). You can learn so much from a good chef, but you can learn even more from a chef who can make it in a tight situation – literally, have you seen these kitchens?

Here’s why New York City is the prime food center of the country, and why you should hire a famous chef who lives and works in the city that never sleeps and loves to eat!

It’s The Big Apple for A Reason:

We all know New York City has everything. From art institutions, dance, music, business, architecture, technology, and education, whatever you’re into, New York has it, and it’s the best. The same goes for restaurants. The world-renowned city attracts people from all over. Not just as diners, but for people looking to make it in the cooking industry. We’re talking a kid from a farm in Kansas, or a chef in Prague who wants to take his career a step further and make his mark. This is where budding chefs come to cut their teeth, be it in culinary school, or as a busboy, New York City is the place to ignite a cooking career.

That also means it has the food to match. Some say the best food in the world is in New York City. Which is to say, people come to New York and expect to eat well. So that means the food has to be on point. It’s trial by fire, and the result is an impeccable, delicious stomping ground full of talented top celebrity chefs for hire.

Location, Location, Location:

This tight, dense metropolis has approximately 45,000 restaurants. You can eat anywhere in New York, and everything’s accessible, given the small geographical area and excellent public transportation.

But New York is made up of neighborhoods, and each one has its own flair and design, which means uptown you’re going to get one kind of dinner, maybe something traditional and upscale like Jean-Georges from French culinary genius Jean-Georges Vongerichten; while in the West Village you’ll get a stellar, lower key but trendy dinner from a place like April Bloomfield’s The Spotted Pig. Head down to the Lower East Side for the best brunch in the city at a tiny little restaurant Prune by Gabrielle Hamilton, or shuffle out to Park Slope to dine at Top Chef star Dale Talde’s aptly-named Talde, or, finally, set out for some hipster fare in Williamsburg at Sam Talbot’s Pretty Southern.

Go further, you can get the best Greek you’ve ever had in Astoria, Senegalese food in Harlem, and authentic Irish cuisine in the Bronx. Don’t forget about Food Network star Amanda Freitag‘s classic art deco diner Empire Diner in the city! The idea of New York is the food reflects the location, so you’re basically consuming your neighborhood’s culture.

The ability to have such diversity comes from New York’s geography. On the water, for fresh seafood, and it borders the Garden State, so the produce is local, and finally, its easy connection to Europe makes New York a place that invites an international flair. That means that when you hire celebrity chefs in New York, you have a full palette of options.

The New York Life:

The city that never sleeps is very tired. It doesn’t want to go home and roast a chicken in a teeny tiny kitchen that may or may not have a full-size stovetop. The lifestyle of the typical New Yorker is to eat out most nights of the week. If you are looking to open a restaurant, wouldn’t you want to run it in a place where millions of people are eating most of their meals out of their home?

And that neighborhood culture we were talking about? New Yorkers are into other – very few people who live in New York City are actually from there, which means that they aren’t just looking to have their own traditional food. It’s a city of curious people and diverse friendships. That means that chefs can try new things, get a little radical and niche, and people will be into it. One of the most popular restaurants in New York is The Meatball Shop, for example. Places like Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar, which is a very untraditional, creative bakery come confection eatery, are able to thrive like they do because of the way New Yorkers are – they want something different. Chefs don’t have to run the most expensive, fancy restaurants to be successful. They just have to make good food.

What These Means For You:

If New York is a great place for chefs to work their magic, it’s a prime place for you to find your next speaker. Here, you’ll find top chefs who have made it in this competitive, vibrant city. They’ll have incredible stories, inspiring tales about coming up in the industry, and motivating work ethic to entice your audience. There’s always something to take away from an entertaining chef.

In New York, you can do anything. Food truck events near a park, catered events at hotels for fundraisers, grand openings of a business at the location, or a party at a hip restaurant to drum up some press and word of mouth. Speaking events in theaters, cooking demonstrations at a school, a private party on a city rooftop, a cooking class held in someone’s personal kitchen, a panel discussion, really there are endless possibilities as to what you can do with a chef.

So, now what? You contact us!

We know the ins and outs of booking celebrity chefs of all levels in New York. When we talk, we’ll get into celebrity chef fees, which chef is best for you in your budget (come with a budget!). Our chef booking agents from Celebrity Chef Speakers Bureau New York will guide you through all financial breakdown, from food costs, to menu conception, logistics, necessary equipment rentals, and venue details you need to keep in mind, for whatever kind of event you want to put on. We can help with ideas, both for the chef you use, and for creative ways to utilize that chef for your event. Booking a celebrity chef with us is a flawless, fun process.

Learn About Celebrity Chef Speakers Bureau Los Angeles Top Celebrity Chefs!

Celebrity Chef Speakers Bureau Los Angeles is a division of Celebrity Chef Network dedicated to assisting clients interested in booking celebrity chefs in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Ah, the City of Angels. Here’s a land full of dreamers, creators, and abundant sunshine. Long has L.A. been the beacon of hope, of reinvention for starry-eyed actors, writers, directors, and everything in between. Today, L.A.’s even more than Hollywood types—the city’s experiencing an exciting new food movement. You’ve probably noticed! These days it seems everyone’s talking about Los Angeles’ top celebrity chefs and cuisine; GQ, Eater, Food+Wine, and even the New York Times have profiled L.A. as America’s trendy food Mecca. Celebrity Chef Speakers Bureau Los Angeles is your new go-to celebrity chef agency to hire a chef for events on the West Coast.

Why L.A.? And who’s making waves there, anyway? As food undergoes a bit of a revolution, with people eating out more than ever, celebrity chefs are changing their game, as well. L.A. is at the helm of all that change. Booking a celebrity chef from L.A. brings all that food innovation engineering, right to your audience, making them all the more popular. Read on to learn about L.A.’s food scene, and the biggest Angelino celebrity chefs.

The Los Angeles Vibe:

When you think L.A., you probably think about Hollywood, surfing, hippies, and hipsters. Those stereotypes are all there—and more. The thing about Los Angeles is that has great diversity. The next continent over is Asia, so there’s a lot of influence from there, as well as from its nearby Mexico neighbor. A lot of second and third generation Americans find themselves in L.A., so the food reflects that mix, but in an inventive way. It’s not just Vietnamese, it’s an updated, American style of it, because that’s who’s making the dish.

So Antonia Lofaso’s Venice restaurant, Scopa, isn’t just Italian, like her heritage, it’s modern, trendy Italian. Jose Andres’ chic Beverly Hills eatery Bazaar features sophisticated Spanish cuisine. If you head to n/naka, Niki Nakayama’s popular restaurant, you’ll find that though this is a traditional kaiseki restaurant, it’s fine dining, and slowly Nakayama has been subbing Japanese ingredients for local California ones.

L.A.’s a casual city. You can wear jeans to a fancy restaurant, although fancy has a different definition here – it’s upscale, maybe, but not dressy (even if diners are well-dressed casual). That translates to the food, too. One of the best restaurants in L.A., and let’s go ahead and say the country, is Nancy Silverton’s La Brea Bakery. Featured on Chef’s Table (like Nakayama), Silverton showed her tenacity at creating the perfect bread. Her restaurant, then, serves great pizza. Not exactly what you’d expect from a world-class dining establishment, but that’s exactly why Los Angeles is perfect for a chef like Silverton.

Coastal Heaven:

The weather in Los Angeles is so heavenly, there’s really no other place that competes. With low rainfall, little humidity, abundant sunshine, and a usual hover around 75 degrees all year, it’s a dream. And we haven’t even talked about the ocean or the mountains.

This geographic utopia matters not just because it’s a pleasant place to live, although people do move here for that reason, but for chefs, it dictates what they can cook. The fish is fresh because it’s a coastal city and the menu is caught daily. Fruit trees abound, and gardens are always lush, which means that you can have fresh fruit and beautiful produce all year. Farming in California is ideal, so fresh tomatoes and avocados are available in February, whereas everyone else is dealing with root vegetables. Strawberries make regular menu appearances year round.

Restaurants often have outdoor gardens where they can grow herbs, veggies, and leafy greens. Everything is healthy, so the food is, too. That appeals to chefs like Matthew Kenney whose Plant Food+Wine in Venice features a delicious plant-based menu. Wolfgang Puck’s Spago was revolutionary for him because it was in California where he discovered produce. Clearly, that worked out for him, he’s one of the world’s biggest chefs.

Prime Real Estate:

New York City has long been considered the culinary center of the U.S. The trouble with New York is the real estate, not to mention you’re bound to a seasonal menu or high shipping rates. Everything in New York is tight and old, which doesn’t make for great cooking conditions. Also, despite its size, New York is expensive – very. Even more expensive is San Francisco, the other culinary flame of the nation.

In Los Angeles, there’s abundant, affordable space. It’s a city made up of sprawl, it bleeds out while New York shoots up. And so the restaurants have a luxurious amount of space. Chefs can really cook in their kitchens, and they can serve more people, too. Celebrity chef Michael Voltaggio runs the popular restaurant ink. in Malibu but he’s moving locations because he’s outgrown his venue. At the La Cienega locations, Voltaggio can not only expand his staff and serve more people, but he’s talking about making the menu more casual, too.

Ocean dining is a pretty fabulous thing, and mega star Brooke Williamson knows all about that. The Top Chef winner has a number of establishments, but the Playa Provisions is the most unique. It’s a big space just a block from the beach comprised of four restaurants in one location, a nationwide fad. The ability to acquire enough space, and by the water no less, is an amazing element L.A. offers. All Williamson’s restaurants are in the coastal areas.

Los Angeles is Nothing New:

The thing about L.A. is that it’s not a small city on the rise, it’s the nation’s second largest metropolis. Everyone knows L.A. Which is to say, there’s talent everywhere, so chefs don’t have to worry about finding people to work in the kitchen – and anyway, every struggling actor finds him or herself working in a restaurant at some point, so there’s certainly no shortage of professional wait staff.

Which is to say, it’s not like the food scene was ever lacking in L.A. Wolfgang Puck started there, and Suzanne Tracht’s Jar is a sturdy mainstay. When Curtis Stone moved from London, he opened his first solo restaurant, Maude in 2014, followed by Gwen in 2016, which are some of the best dining experiences in the city.

Contact us today to line up incredible celebrity chef speakers from Los Angeles!

In L.A. we have many incredible celebrity chefs for hire on our roster. When you hire a celebrity chef through our talent booking agents, you’ll get the full run down. We help you execute a flawless event, in a detailed, careful fashion. Together, we’ll go over costs and form a budget. We’ll also go over the event menu creation process. This is one of the most fun parts of working with a celebrity chef. Depending on the size of your event, we’ll help budget a cooking staff for the big day, along with a grocery budget for the chef to abide by.

Of course the venue matters as well. Get something with a great kitchen, and if you need to, it pays to spring for extra equipment. With our celebrity chef agents, you’ll discuss cooking requirements, prep time, serving schedules, and clean up. Finally, we’ll go over the most important item of all: booking a celebrity chef. Availability, their chef speaking fee, and their needs are all areas in which we can assist. Through Celebrity Speakers Bureau Los Angeles, we’ll make sure your event is a delicious, exciting experience for all involved!

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