French Chef Alain Ducasse to cater Royal Wedding of Monaco

Hire Alain DucasseeRegarded as one of the premier French cuisine specialists, celebrity chef AlainDucasse has expanded his success as an entrepreneur and restaurateur. Knownfor clean, complex dishes, the celebrity chef came to the United States afterfinding success as a restaurant owner in France and Monaco. He now ownsover twenty restaurants in major cities around the world that represent his uniqueFrench prospective. Through the meticulous training of all of his restaurantproponents, the celebrity chef has been able to maintain a solid reputation as ahigh-class restaurateur.
Alain Ducasse has also found success as an author to cookbooks and foodguides such as “Alain Ducasse’s Culinary Encyclopedia.” The French chef hasalso opened a cooking school in Paris and worked with the European SpaceAgency to develop meals for astronauts. The upscale French chef has becomea popular worldwide celebrity speaker, particularly known for taking thought intowhere his ingredients come from, and promoting the use of local, healthy foods.

The celebrity chef is so renown that he was recently invited to be the specialguest and caterer of the royal wedding of Monaco in July. For the event, Prince Albert has requested that the food represent the Mediterranean area through theuse of local and ethical food. Alain Ducasse, along with a team of 350, will beserving fresh line-caught fish from the area rather than importing.
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Rick Bayless Proves You Don’t Have To Go To Mexico For Good Mexican Cuisine

Most Americans are familiar with (and have eaten) Tex Mex cuisine with its cheap and tasty tacos and enchiladas, but how many have tasted authentic Mexican food? Rick Bayless works tirelessly to bring the real thing to American plates.

Specializing in traditional Mexican cuisine, enlivened with modern interpretations, Bayless is best known for his PBS Series: Mexico: One Plate at a Time. Bayless first developed an interest in Mexican food when he began studying the Spanish language and Latin American Culture. Travels to Latin America, particularly Mexico, led to his first cookbook, Authentic Mexican: Regional Cooking From the Heart of Mexico. Over the years, he has traveled throughout Mexico and has become America’s resident expert on the culinary arts of our southern neighbor.

In addition to producing his television program and writing cookbooks, today Bayless works as a restaurant consultant and teaches authentic Mexican cooking throughout the U.S. He is credited for doing more than any other culinary star to introduce Americans to authentic Mexican cuisine and change the image of Mexican food in America, almost single-handedly elevating it from consideration as street food for the poor, to serious cuisine for the gastronomically discerning. Bayless himself contributed to a greater appreciation of Mexican fare when he opened the Frontera Grill in Chicago, which specializes in contemporary regional Mexican cooking. After the success of Frontera Grill, he followed it with Topolobampo, which is one of the nation’s only fine-dining Mexican restaurants.

Bayless’s book Mexican Kitchen: Capturing the Vibrant Flavors of a World Class Cuisine won the IACP National Julia Child “Cookbook of the Year Award,” and The New York Times called him a writer who makes “true Mexican food user-friendly for Americans.” At the 2001 James Beard Awards, his book, “Mexico-One Plate At a Time” was called the “Best International Cookbook.”

His work has been hailed as “the greatest contribution to the Mexican table imaginable.”

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Chef Gordon Ramsay Does Television His Way

hire-chef-gordon-ramsayMany celebrity chefs have television cooking shows, but few do it in quite the same style as celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Ramsay’s first two television appearances were the documentaries that aired in the UK called Boiling Point and Beyond Boiling Point. The first show followed Ramsay as he opened up a new restaurant. The second show followed Ramsay as he juggled his restaurants and his growing celebrity chef status.

Ramsays’ next television show in the UK was Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. This show followed Ramsay as he tried to help save failing restaurants.

Following Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares Gordon Ramsay started Hell’s Kitchen. This reality television show starred Ramsay as he tried to take British celebrities and teach them how to be chefs. Seeing the popularity of this British show and US version was licensed and also called Hell’s Kitchen. The US version followed the same theme as the UK version. There has also been a US version of Kitchen Nightmares.

Ramsay has his own production company, One Potato Two Potato, and has filmed a series with them called Ramsay’s Best Restaurant. He has created two travelogue television shows about his journeys to India and Asia. Gordon Ramsay has also served as a producer and a celebrity chef judge on MasterChef.

Gordon Ramsay developed a series called The F-Word. In the show Ramsay challenges celebrity friends to prepare a 3-course meal for 50 people. And the meal needs to be something that people can cook at home. The diners judge the meal and they only pay the bill if they think it is good enough. During the show Ramsay travels all over the world searching for the best ingredients he can find. During one episode Ramsay cooks in a prison for its inmates, and he was so impressed at how quickly one of the inmates chopped some vegetables that he offered to give him a job when he was released.


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East Meets West With Ming Tsai

Cooking comes naturally for some- Ming Tsai  grew up working in his family’s restaurant Mandarin Kitchen.

Ming attended Yale University where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. At the same time he also spent a summer at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Ming apprenticed under a variety of cooking styles including a pastry chef in Paris and a sushi master in Kobayashi. From his experience working on his family’s restaurant as he grew up he also got experience working  both front of house and back of house in a restaurant.

Ming Tsai brought his Asian fusion style to the Food Network channel where he hosted the 30-minute show East Meets West with Ming Tsai. On East Meets West Ming demonstrated to viewers his Asian-European fusion cuisine. He also hosted a cooking adventure series for The Food Network called Ming’s Quest. In addition to his own shows, he has made multiple appearances on  episodes of Top Chef and  Next Iron Chef.

Ming proudly endorses ceramic knives manufactured by Kyocera Advanced Ceramics. Ming  often used ceramic knives and tools on his television shows and in his restaurant.

During the Beijing Olympics Ming appeared on NBC’s Today show as an Asian Fusion Cuisine Celebrity Chef Expert to help give information on food customs and traditions in China.

In addition to his television shows and appearances Ming has written four cookbooks: Blue Ginger: East Meets West Cooking with Ming Tsai, Simply Ming, Ming’s Master Recipes, and Simply Ming One-Pot Meals.

Ming Tsai and his wife own a restaurant Wellesley, Massachusetts, Blue Ginger.

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Top Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Soars to the Top of List

Recognized as the Naked Chef in the United Kingdom, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has claimed the title as the second-most successful chef in the United States. Rising in notoriety for his charity work with children, Oliver is known for his use of high-quality ingredients in healthy cuisine. The charismatic chef has a growing fan base and newfound role as a celebrity chef speaker, media personality and spokesperson for healthy living, particularly for children. Jamie Oliver has made it a goal to improve the quality of eating and lifestyle within the United Kingdom and now the United States.

Jamie Oliver found fame after his cookbook, “The Naked Chef” became a number one bestseller in England and his show debuted in the United Kingdom and United States. His cooking technique focuses on ingredient-driven food to create healthy cuisine.  The celebrity chef now owns restaurants throughout the world, and according to researchers, is recognizable among Americans. Despite huge success as a media personality and celebrity chef speaker, Jamie Oliver is also a passionate activist for healthy, affordable food for children to decrease the exponentially growing obesity rates throughout the world.

After revolutionizing the British school system’s food through his “Feed me Better” campaign, Oliver was able to have political influence as the British government pledged to help improve the quality of life for schoolchildren. He taught schools how to prepare fresh ingredients to create healthy cuisine at a fair cost. This chef brought his talents and message to the United States through his show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” which focused on changing an entire town in West Virginia through educating public schools and lobbying the school board and local government.  Oliver taught local families how to make conscious and easy choices in preparing food, and educated the town on the consequences of poor eating habits.

“The Naked Chef” continues to grow and succeed in the United States, and has brought positive influence in the increase of healthy cuisine and nutrition education through his charity work, public speaking and endorsements.

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