When Hiring a Celebrity Chef for Endorsements, What Should You Expect?

You’ve created a hefty budget for a spokesperson—maybe with heavy negotiation. With that, you want to make sure you’re hiring a celebrity chef for endorsements that meets and exceeds your team’s expectations.

At Celebrity Chef Network, we have a database of thousands of celebrity chefs for hire to help take your event, product, or service to a new level. Simply search the type of specialty chef you want, or call a brainstorming meeting of the minds to browse each list on our site. However, we suggest taking a deep look at your complete campaign well before you do so. We’ve learned throughout the years that a valuable partnership is not only about notoriety and industry expertise. It’s also about a seamless partnership that runs smoothly, both externally and internally.

So what makes your celebrity chef partnership a success? It’s the one thing that is too often overlooked: setting clearly defined expectations. Here are eight things you should expect—and vocalize—when you hire a celebrity chef spokesperson.

#1. Expect a pro at absorbing new information:

Hiring a celebrity chef for endorsements can be a game changer for any company; however, without preparation, it becomes a complete disaster. Consumers are quickly put off by celebrity talents who mispronounce companies’ names or stumble over websites and calls-to-action. Think of your celebrity chef as an extension of your company. Someone who is able to answer any question thrown at him, or who can at least eloquently direct consumers to a resource that offers the information they can’t.

Expect your celebrity chef to be good at retaining and relaying new information in a short amount of time, but remember that having a celebrity chef spokesperson works best when the brand and talent have dedicated enough time for the talent to learn and practice talking points. In preparing to book celebrity talent, consider how much time you are allotting for them to learn the way you’d like him or her to address your event, product, service or brand. They should be able to recite an elevator pitch at a moment’s notice!

#2. Expect a genuine interest in learning about your brand:

If your celebrity chef talent is only in it for the money, then that will definitely show in their spokesperson role, regardless of how good they talk up your brand. You should expect your celebrity chef to be interested in how your product/brand works and what it adds to the market. With that, be prepared to answer their questions and provide clear, concise resources to do so. For example, your celebrity chef might not have time to read an entire manual explaining the mechanics that went into making the blades on your amazing new knife collection; but, they should be excited to learn and explain things to others such as how the product has elevated the art of chopping vegetables for consumers and other chefs alike.

#3. Expect a professional, positive attitude:

From photo shoots and press tours to events and live cooking demos, in the cuisine world things hardly ever go according to plan. There will likely be unexpected shifts in agendas, extended workdays or other unexpected hurdles. You should expect a spokesperson that can roll with the punches and maintain a positive attitude toward your staff, stakeholders, consumers and any other touch points. Likewise, make sure that you are ready to provide a coffee or their favorite snack should you see their energy levels going south!

When hiring a celebrity chef for endorsements you must remember the celebrity chef you choose will be a representative of your brand. Celebrity Chef Network has a database of elite professionals who are masters under pressure, as well as in the kitchen!

#4. Expect a schedule that can fulfill the contract:

Whether it’s spotlighting their own TV show or rattling pans in their own kitchen, you can imagine that a worthwhile celebrity chef is busy keeping folks fed. Make sure to set an expectation about the time commitment of your partnership. Should they clear their schedule for a one-day shoot for a commercial, or a week-long press tour commitment?

Moreover, set an expectation that your celebrity chef is on time. Missed live hits for interviews or delayed start times for events are rocky ways to introduce a new aspect of your brand. Of course, some things are out of your control, but your celebrity chef should understand you expect them to be punctual.

#5. Expect an awe-inspiring story of their own:

Your celebrity chef spokesperson is an influencer because people aspire to be like them. When hiring a celebrity chef for endorsements, seek to partner with a celebrity chef that has a personal story that aligns with the mission of your brand. That is what adds the personal touch of credibility to anything they say.

Consider, Evan Goldstein, one of the nation’s top food and wine connoisseurs, for example. He was once one of the youngest to accomplish the task of passing the Master Sommeliers test in 1987. He is able to speak on the triumphs of being a pioneer in his field—something you would want people to relate to your brand!

#6. Expect a respected voice for your product:

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine has more than 25 years of cooking experience behind him. He knows what people expect from a good meal and has spent his career trying to make the industry better. People are likely to trust what he says when it comes to food or food-industry products. Expect an impact like Irvine’s! That requires you to book someone who goes beyond expertise to innovate. This type of spokesperson can address your consumers, connect with them, draw emotion from them, and swiftly lead them to excitedly carry out your call to action.

Expect that when your celebrity chef endorses something, the audiences will be convinced it’s a brand they should believe in. This requires you to think outside of press engagements or commercials you’ve set up and look at how the chef is incorporating your product into their own promotional channels, such as social media, television shows and even in their restaurants. This requires you to know more about the following they have generated and create a plan for how they are sharing your brand with them.

#7. Expect to have a buying following:

What good would speaking on behalf of your product be if their audience isn’t willing to buy your products afterward? Too often, celebrities have the power to get your name out there, but that’s it. Expect your celebrity chef to introduce your brand to an audience that not only sees your products, but is energetically willing to learn more about it and invest in it.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is a great example. He is a garden-to-table chef extraordinaire that has published seventeen cookbooks, along with being a TV celebrity in more than 40 countries. His book, “Super Food Family Classics” is one of the bestselling cookbooks in the industry. So, you know that he’s got a following that’s ready to purchase his advice, tips, and tricks.

Jamie Deen, for instance, the son of Paula Deen, is another strong example. He and his families’ sandwich delivery service was one of the most successful restaurant launches in America. Still, you shouldn’t book Jamie Deen expecting to get his mother’s following. Although they are related, they have two different brands. For example, his food has a slightly healthier focus.

#8. Expect a booking agency that cares:

Wouldn’t it be great to have a company that can give you insight on all of these expectations? When you hire a famous celebrity chef through Celebrity Chef Network, we do the legwork for you! We commit to making your booking process seamless, convenient, and cost-effective for you. Email us at booking@celebritychefnetwork.com or call (212) 335-1377 to speak with a Celebrity Chef Network representative about booking celebrity chefs for your upcoming events.

How to Utilize a Celebrity Chef for Events & Expos

Booking a celebrity chef for events is an art. With so many talented and versatile chefs for hire, it’s hard to know which one is the right fit. At Celebrity Chef Network, our expertise is knowing how to match the ideal celebrity chef for events. We’re pros. Trust us, we know there’s a lot to consider!

You want to make sure you hire a celebrity chef who will excite your audience, and you also want to ensure the chef has the right experience for your event. A chef known for innovative fusion cuisine may not be a great fit for a meat and potatoes crowd, but would be excellent for a group of adventurous foodies.

If it’s a cooking event, you want a chef trained in a variety of cooking styles who can explain the ABCs of cooking clearly. If it’s a speaking event, you want a poised celebrity chef speaker who can articulate their insights and experiences in an engaging way.

What is your audience looking for, and who is the best celebrity chef to achieve your event goals? Not only can we help you book the perfect chef for your event, but we’ll also show you how to utilize the chef to the best of their abilities. Here’s a look at some ways to make your event a hit:

Create a Performance – Live Celebrity Chef Cooking Demos:

Celebrity chefs are excellent performers. Most of the chefs and personalities on our roster have television experience, so they’re as comfortable cooking a great meal as they are performing for an audience. These speakers are poised and skilled at working a crowd.

But how to have them perform? A lot depends on the style of your event. Events that are about motivation, entrepreneurship, career building, or following a passion are great for chefs who can command a stage, such as Debi Mazar or Anne Burrell. Or, you can go with a chef who’s overcome great obstacles to achieve success, such as Jeff Henderson. These speakers are ideal for stage podium talks.

If the space or venue allows for it, it’s always a great idea to have the chef give a cooking demo. Is there a way to integrate your event’s goals with the chef’s cooking? If it’s a motivational event about taking risks, perhaps have the chef create a dish that’s tricky or difficult, or even off the cuff. If the event is about company morale, a high-energy, charismatic chef who can put on a thrilling cooking show might be a good way to amp up energy levels.

Some events are smaller, which make them ideal for an engaging interactive performance. Participant interaction can include having audience members cook with the chef, or offering the audience cooking stations in which selected participants cook at the same time as the chef. You could even include a competition between participants. The idea is to integrate the speaker with your audience for a fun, creative, memorable experience for everyone.

Hire More Than One Celebrity Chef:

Think about bringing in more than one chef. This group of culinary experts can cook together, or have a cook-off. A repartee or a competition boosted with lots of sensory stimulation—the savory aromas of food as it cooks, the sounds of veggies sizzling in a pan, the visual of watching masters at work—makes for an experience like none other.

Chef panels are a low-key but equally engaging way to utilize a celebrity chef for events. In this style, an emcee or moderator guides the chef panelists to talk in an insightful and informed way about the topic at hand.

On panels, it’s common for one expert chef to tap into something another expert also wants to discuss, creating a seamless conversational thread among the panelists. For example, a group of former successful Top Chef contestants, such as Angelo Sosa, Antonia Lofaso, and Fabio Viviani could talk about being on camera, launching their careers, or how television continues to play a role in their lives.

Promote Products:

Promoting a celebrity chef by integrating the product or products that are associated with your event gives the audience a useful context, as well as action items, for the presentation.

If you’re hosting a cooking expo and the chef is promoting your knives to potential buyers, you should make sure the chef is chopping and dicing ingredients. Or, if it’s a new electronic gadget, such as a sharpener or a timer, a chef can use the product in a practical demonstration while also discussing the item as he or she cooks.

Even at a food festival, integrating your product’s logo on a chef’s cooking tent can be enough to ensure solid promotion. It’s a nice idea to teach the chef about the product before the event, showing them all of the ways to utilize it. Then let the chef offer their own spin on the product. You’d be amazed; sometimes chefs can talk about, and promote, a product in a way you’ve never thought of before.

Then there’s social media. Use it! Take photos and post them on your company’s Instagram or Facebook feeds to help boost traffic to your site. You can live-tweet the cooking demo, while also promoting a new recipe. Maybe even hand over your social media account to the celebrity chef and let them take over—a fun and creative way to bring a lot of attention to your product.

Chefs can promote food, of course. Think Tyler Florence for Applebee’s, or Bobby Flay for Fage Fruyo. But they can also promote other, non-food products. Nobu Matsuhisa endorses Chase Sapphire, and David Chang reps Uniqlo. When it comes to promotion, thinking outside of the box is fine. The chef and the product don’t have to be perfectly matched to be successful.

Ask the Chef to Talk About Business:

Not all events are right for cooking integration. A celebrity chef is an entrepreneur after all. Chefs can speak about savvy business tactics, such as how to grow an entity from the bottom to the top; how to fundraise; essential marketing tactics and tools; the key to innovation; and how to grow a company steadily and smartly. While these topics tend to be relevant at more serious events than, say, a food festival, the benefit of having a chef touch on these points is that they bring enthusiasm and contagious passion to the presentation.

When you hire celebrity chefs for events, you’re hiring a person who can speak, act, perform, integrate, promote, and market a product. It’s a win-win.

That said, no two chefs are the same. There are so many ways to use a chef, and some are better suited for certain events than others. You’ll need guidance. That’s where we come in. Connect with us to help you select the right celebrity chef for events. We’ll discuss the best ways to utilize your celebrity chef based on the type of event you’re organizing and what you’re looking to accomplish. Plus, we’ll do it all within your budget. Contact us today.

Hire Celebrity Chef Restaurateurs

Every event needs to be special. It needs to excite and inform, and leave attendees inspired. This is especially important for an event targeted towards people starting their own business. They’re taking a risk and are looking for both ideas and a confidence boost. If you’re looking to motivate entrepreneurs, you should consider booking one of our celebrity chef restaurateurs. Chefs work hard for their fame, and it takes more than an expert palate to start and run a successful restaurant – it takes savvy business sense. When you hire celebrity chef restaurateurs, they can talk your audience through the phases of a starting business as well as anyone.

The Product:

For every entrepreneur, the most important element in running a business has to do with the product. If the product isn’t any good, it won’t sell, no matter how genius a marketing plan may be. Coming up with a product that people want is key. Chefs also know this. They look at the food people want to eat, think about the food they cook, and they put it all together. What do people want, and how can the desired food be made better than anyone else? That’s a question a celebrity chef can answer. It’s easy to identify a successful restaurant because it has staying power, and it’s always full. The restaurant business is incredibly volatile and subject to real estate ebbs and flows. If restaurants don’t bring in diners, they’re going to have a tough time with overhead. What brings in diners? A good product, above all else, which is something your audience is going to want to know all about.

Being Unique:

The product doesn’t just have to be good – it has to be unique. Has it been done before? This is the question all entrepreneurs face, including celebrity chefs. How to take food and make it different, interesting, and something people talk about. This is where business innovation is crucial. Think fusion establishments, like Greg Gourdet’s Departure, a pan-Asian fusion restaurant with a health-focused twist. Or chefs who turn cooking upside down, like Marcel Vigneron does with his molecular gastronomy technique, where science is used to cook in a whole new way. Celebrity chef Giorind Armstrong owns two 8 Oz. Burger Bar locations, which puts a spin on the standard burger joint – allowing the guest make their burger unique. What could be more original? Or think of the total culinary experience Michael Mina offers down in St. Petersburg, Florida with his Locale Market and Restaurant where guests can buy produce and ingridients to take home. Creativity is key. This is the best part for many chefs, and your audience is sure to have fun listening while their creative juices get flowing.

Starting the Business:

If only ideas came with a cash advance. No such luck. Chefs, like entrepreneurs, must find the money to start their businesses. Chefs can speak to the funding aspect particularly well. Loans, grants, campaigns, fundraising events; these facets are all imperative for both the restaurateur and entrepreneur startup.

Of course, it doesn’t stop with getting the cash. How the money is spent is equally as important. Staffing, purchasing equipment, and then, of course, the real estate is crucial. If your audience entrepreneurs are going to have a storefront, a celebrity restaurateur is the perfect person to speak to about how to find a good location that gets enough foot traffic, but is also affordable. Chef Tiffani Faison has her unique fine dining BBQ restaurant, Sweet Cheeks Q, near Fenway Park in Boston. The location isn’t in the actual ballpark, keeping its higher stature, but there’s a good chance baseball fans would love Sweet Cheeks Q before or after the game. Other times, chefs can make the location work on their own. Chef Richard Blais’ popular restaurant The Spence in Atlanta is nautical themed, though Atlanta isn’t a coastal city.

Positioning the Product:

Who’s coming for dinner? Who’s buying your audience’s products? How do you get people to come through the doors? Establishing an effective marketing strategy is imperative for any business. Celebrity chefs often use their own face as branding. But they don’t just put their portrait on a menu (although some do) – they’re on cooking shows, they have lines of frying pans, they do events, like yours, to keep fresh and current. Chef Cat Cora is not only a restaurateur, she’s a television personality and she’s worked at Bon Appetite magazine as their executive chef. She even has a tablet app where you can learn to cook her recipes. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has multiple restaurants and bars, a housewares line, and even master classes on cooking. Successful celebrity chefs look for all possible ways to build their brand. Your audience will love their thoughts on marketing.

Handling Erratic Income:

In the early stages of a new business, money fluctuates in gushes and lulls. A restaurant is no different, even long after it’s established. Some nights the restaurant has a packed house, other nights there’s only a diner or two coming in. Time of year, time of day, and a lot of factors that are out of the chef’s control have a big impact on financial flow. Listening to a chef talk about how they handle the financial aspects can be useful, especially since the typical chef isn’t a financial guru. They’ll speak practically and in layman’s terms.

Driving the Ship:

All entrepreneurs know that keeping a new business afloat is challenging. It’s imperative to stay on top of trends. Keeping your product new and relevant is crucial to your company’s success. When you hire celebrity chef restaurateurs, they can speak to ways they ensure people return for the same dish over and over again. They can also address how they change up the menu or ambiance to keep things fresh. Veteran stars like Wolfgang Puck, David Chang, and Jamie Oliver are experts at constantly driving business forward.

Those famous celebrity chefs for hire are great, but it’s also not a bad idea to hire celebrity chef restaurateurs who are rising stars a little closer to the process of growing a business. Alex Stupak or Ashley Christensen are younger chefs, but are already established with several successful restaurants under their belts. Unsure which type of chef is right for your event? With our help, we’ll find the right chef who can inspire your audience to dream, but dream wisely.

One of the toughest industries out there is the restaurant business. But our celebrity chefs started from the bottom and successfully worked their way up. With that said, all chefs take a different approach, so your style of event will help us determine which speaker is right for your crowd. We can even pair your event with several different chefs who can offer different strategies and perspectives for a variety of business models. With hundreds of personalities and restaurateurs on roster, Celebrity Chef Network’s team can help you hire celebrity chef restaurateurs who fit the bill for your unique event. Give us a call to talk about what you’d like to achieve, and we’ll pair you with a successful restaurateur to motivate your budding entrepreneurs.

Why Hire a Celebrity Chef for Your Next Celebrity Marketing Campaign?

When you’re strategizing a new celebrity marketing campaign, you want to create something new and fresh!

You want a celebrity marketing campaign that will intrigue and motivate your customer. Celebrities are an exciting way to generate conversation. But maybe your product needs a little more spice, a big personality, something a little more intimate. Maybe a person who can get out in the public and directly engage with the customer. Booking a celebrity chef is a fun and an original solution to heat up business! Food offers a physical connection from the chef to the customer. It’s truly the one way in which the consumer actually consumes.

Some of the hottest celebrities right now are chefs. Why? For one, foodie culture is on the rise. Americans are eating out more now than ever before. You can see it in food stores. Amazon just bought struggling Whole Foods and is receiving substantial positive press for the acquisition. Cooking shows are the most successful surviving remnants of the reality TV fad years ago. This puts top celebrity chefs in the celebrity limelight.

A Recognizable Face: 

Most people gravitate towards celebrities because it almost feels as if they could be friends – it’s as if they know one another. Of course they don’t, but the attraction starts with the draw of what a person must be like. The difference between an actor and a celebrity chef is that while an actor is constantly changing parts, a chef has a unique personal brand that defines them in the marketplace – to a certain extent, we know Michael Symon, or Marcus Samuelsson, or Wolfgang Puck. Famous chefs are present in our everyday lives, between the myriad of cooking shows, food festivals, and, of course, restaurants. They have their own food lines, cooking schools, and, for most of these chefs, a history of celebrity marketing campaign success with major brands.

There’s a stronger intimacy between a consumer and a chef because there’s a physical connection between chef and diner. That connection makes for a very convincing marketing device. Working with someone familiar brings a closeness to the customer, even if they’ve never eaten at one of the chef’s restaurants. Knowing who the person is, and what they’re about – their passion, no less, is a draw. It makes people feel connected, and that connection can be applied to your product when you position the two together.

Take this a step further – your product associated with a chef’s image can catapult your brand. Take Paul Newman for example. He was an actor, but when he and his family created and sold his famous salad dressing, it was a huge success. The marketing? Paul Newman’s face. A whole brand of food spun out from salad dressing. A chef can do the same thing – the visual of a trusted celebrity endorsement is a powerful thing.

More Marketing Opportunities: 

What’s great about integrating a celebrity chef into a celebrity marketing campaign is that you can take your campaign off the screen or the printed page and get your product in person. Chefs tend to have big personalities, which attracts a crowd. But what’s better, when you hire famous chef for events and activations, you can put their talents to use anywhere with a cooking setup. For upcoming celebrity chef speaking engagements, don’t just have them speak. Let them cook!

Celebrity chef appearances are really fun to watch whether you’re a huge foodie or hardly know your way around a kitchen. Like an actor on stage, a chef’s work is a performance. When you hire a chef to integrate their personality into your brand, you have access to the cooking element as well. Use it! Live events with real smells, tastes, and interaction with the chef are excellent sensory captivators, which can directly impact your brand, even if you don’t have a food-related product. Integrate a logo and create a display on the table to bring attention to your product while the chef is putting on the show. As the chef cooks, he or she can plug your business. This tactic will allow you to directly come in contact with your customer. The longer the chef cooks, the better your product is affiliated.

But you can get more mileage than that. Most television shows welcome product placement, and many famous chefs for hire are on TV now. Giving the chef’s production a quantity of your product in exchange for placing your brand on the cooking set is a simple and effective way to drum up more business. If you have a contract with the chef, the production will likely have to say yes, though it won’t be a hard sell. Who doesn’t want something for free? Everyone wins.

The Campaign Doesn’t end with Your Brand: 

Between cookware, cookbooks, and television shows, these top celebrity chefs are their own marketing empires. In fact, when you hire a chef to headline your celebrity marketing campaign, you’re helping them promote their own brand. And it works the other way around, too. What’s great about associating with someone like this is that even when they aren’t campaigning for you, their presence is still attached to your product. Think of iconic celebrity marketing campaign successes such as Cindy Crawford and Pepsi, Mark Wahlberg and Calvin Klein, Justin Long and Apple, Jessica Simpson and Proactiv.

Every time you see that celebrity, it reminds you of their affiliated product. When dealing with a person who has their own line of work to promote, as with Jessica Alba and The Honest Company, they market themselves so often that by assimilation, your brand is going to get a plug too. If you had Tiffany Derry as your celebrity spokesperson, every time one of her television shows came on, the viewer would affiliate seeing her with your brand. And you wouldn’t even have to pay for it.

Chefs are Entrepreneurs: 

Now, take the cooking out. Famous celebrity chefs all started out somewhere, maybe as a sous chef, and worked their way up. All you have to do is watch one of the documentary shows on television to see that their success was no accident. Chefs work long, hard hours in hot and crowded kitchens. They had to build their skills, network to meet new people, and save money, even though cooks aren’t highly paid. They had to open a restaurant, which is a risky business, and learn to market, all the while pushing towards their goal: to create a successful and original product that people wanted. When you hire a chef, you’re hiring someone who’s done what you want to do – succeed. They’ll go to bat for you with little guidance because they know how to do it already.

Great Presence and Inspiration: 

Consider a celebrity chef speaking event, in which they combine their success as a businessperson, with their love of food. Most chefs are outgoing, they’re approachable, but even more, they know how to work. If you’re looking for someone motivational, this could be your best bet. What’s so intriguing about successful chefs is that they very rarely had a handout. Usually, they achieved their success from talent and hard work. The restaurant business has a high turnover, so it’s especially interesting to listen to someone who came out on top. Consider it a fun twist on the successful entrepreneur or CEO.

Celebrity Chef Network has an extensive roster of the world’s top chefs for hire. These famous chefs have television, , celebrity marketing campaign, and corporate event experience. Whether you’re looking for a personality, a restaurateur, or a television network chef, our booking agents can help determine which chefs can best complement your celebrity marketing campaign. To discuss celebrity chef options for your next campaign or special event, contact us today via email at booking@celebritychefnetwork.com or call (212) 410-9879.

Hire A Famous Celebrity Chef to Headline Your Next Event

Let Celebrity Chef Network set the table and hire a famous celebrity chef to bring the excitement to your next corporate conference, trade show, dinner gala or special event!

We are the foremost online authority for booking celebrity chef speakers and major culinary personalities to perform live cooking demos and host events as well as partnering celebrity chefs with brands and organizations for next-level traditional and social media marketing campaigns. Below is a list of the top trending celebrity chefs available to event planners and marketing managers. These chefs are great for those who want to hire a famous chef for personal appearances or marketing campaigns.

hire-mario-bataliMario Batali: Food Network star and good-natured culinary genius Mario Batali kicks of our list of the top celebrity chefs for hire this week. Mario has just been announced as a headliner for the Greenwich Wine + Food Festival taking place this September in Connecticut. He will be performing a live celebrity chef cooking demonstration for attendees. In addition, he will sign copies of his latest cookbook released this fall. The name Mario Batali alone commands respect in the world of fine food and wine. What really sells Mario in to brands and organizations for celebrity chef appearances is his ability to connect with his audiences at each event he attends.

hire-ellie-kriegerEllie Krieger: If your audience has an appetite for health & wellness, hire a famous celebrity chef like Ellie Krieger to highlight your next event or PR campaign. Ellie is an award-winning nutritionist, celebrity chef and cookbook author. She is also the host and executive producer of the PBS cooking series Ellie’s Real Good Food. In addition, Ellie writes weekly columnist for major publications such as The Washington Post and Food Network magazine. This week, Ellie took on a new role the face of BJ’s Wholesale Club’s summer PR campaign. She will collaborate on a series of fresh, healthy recipes and shopping tips for moms and home chefs. Ellie is a relatable health nut who loves to help others adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Famous chefs are some of the most coveted celebrities for special events and celebrity marketing campaigns.

hire guy fieriGuy Fieri: This famous celebrity chef has transcended the culinary industry to become a mainstream, pop culture icon hosting game shows and making countless celebrity cameos in TV and print advertisements. Guy will be bringing Fieri madness to Wilmington, North Carolina next January! He will act as the celebrity guest host of the Girls Leadership Academy of Wilmington’s annual fundraising event. Fieri will be in charge of menu development for the entire event. In addition, he’ll share stories from behind the scenes of his TV shows and career in the entertainment industry. If you’re budgeting to hire a famous celebrity chef to headline your next event, Guy is one of the most visible and entertaining chefs in the culinary world today.

hire maneet chauhanManeet Chauhan: In recent weeks, celebrity chef and fan-favorite Chopped judge Maneet Chauhan was hired to share her knowledge at the 2017 FAB Conference in Charleston, SC. FAB is a new educational conference for women in food. Maneet was perhaps the most well-known food personality who attended the show. While there, she talked about her own experiences and her thoughts on the future of the culinary industry as whole. Maneet is a humble and relatable celebrity chef for hire. She opened her first Nashville restaurant in August of 2014, the same day she gave birth to her second child!

At Celebrity Chef Network, we can match you with the PERFECT celebrity chef fit for your event or campaign!

Pastry Chef SpeakerChristina Tosi: Christina is an American celebrity chef, cookbook author and TV personality who has taken on a new role in 2017 as a featured judge on the newest season of FOX’s MasterChef cooking competition series alongside Gordon Ramsay and Aaron Sanchez. Away from the TV set, Christina is the founder and owner of Momofuku Milk Bar. Milk Bar is a chain of dessert and pastry restaurants scattered throughout New York, Las Vegas and Toronto. Christina is a cutting-edge pastry chef who thinks outside the box when it comes to business and the kitchen.

hire-jeff-mauroJeff Mauro: Our main man Jeff Mauro is a top celebrity chef and TV host best known for the Food Network series Sandwich King and $24 in 24. Jeff is also a featured co-host of popular culinary talk show The Kitchen with Geoffrey Zakarian, Katie Lee, Sunny Anderson and Marcela Valladolid. Now Jeff has teamed up with Cinnamon Toast Crunch for an exciting summer celebrity chef marketing campaign. Jeff will create signature recipes with the beloved breakfast cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch will also be coordinating cereal drive through pop ups to allow families to participate in fun challenges. When you hire a famous chef like Jeff for events or celebrity marketing campaigns, you’re in for a treat!

There are so many chefs to choose from for your next event or PR campaign.

hire marcela valladolidMarcela Valladolid: Beloved celebrity chef and TV personality Marcela Valladolid was the centerpiece of Hardez Brand’s Cinco de Mayo themed Facebook Live stream this past May. Mexico’s #1 salsa brand hired Marcela to teach customers how to construct the perfect street tacos in their own kitchen! Marcela was joined by several food bloggers to showcase this traditional mexican food staple in an engaging and unique fashion. Marcela was the perfect choice for Hardez who was looking for a lively celebrity chef who could bring their products to life for consumers.

hire-david-changDavid Chang: Speaking of unique fashion, celebrity chef for hire David Chang recently teamed up with the folks at Nike for a sweet limited edition shoe centered around the themes of his Momofoku restaurant. You know you’ve made it big when Nike wants to collaborate with you! This was an incredibly exciting partnership that allowed Nike to tap into the celebrity chef marketplace. The goal was to catch the attention of a new target audience. David’s hip, cool nature provided the perfect candidate to introduce a new era of cool in the kitchen.

Last but not lease on our list of top celebrity chefs for hire…

hire danny bowienDanny BowienDanny is perhaps one of the most sought after celebrity chefs for business looking to hire a famous celebrity chef for celebrity chef speaking engagements and celebrity chef marketing campaigns. There’s a genuineness about him that allows him to connect with his customers and consumers on a different level. As a result, Danny recently partnered with W Hotels to celebrate the launch of their new Shanghai W Hotel location. Danny was charged with making his own rendition of the classic Chinese dumpling. His creation was then put on full display at a pop-up on the streets outside the W Hotel in NYC.

When you hire a famous celebrity chef through Celebrity Chef Network, we do the leg work for you!

We start by researching and vetting celebrity chef speakers that make sense for your event. Then we will determine your desired celebrity chef’s fees and availability. Furthermore, we will assist in the contract execution process, talent travel and other run of show details. In conclusion, we will advise you on best options every step of the way! To hire a famous celebrity chef today, email us at booking@celebritychefnetwork.com or call (212) 410-9879.

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