There is nothing more satisfying than working with corporate partners across various categories from food, CPG, appliances, cookware, cosmetics, spirits and many others to assist them in their search to hire a celebrity chef for their campaign! Yet the deal isn’t what drives our passion for consulting companies on celebrity chef acquisition, it is far deeper than that. Our ultimate goal is to provide world-class consultation to emerging through Fortune 100 companies on how a celebrity chef can truly provide significant credibility to your campaign.

Additionally, most of the top celebrity chefs we book here at Celebrity Chef Network are some of the most dedicated spokespeople and committed A-list celebrities who can bolster your PR campaign in ways you never imagined. These warriors from the kitchens in France, NY, Sydney, Miami, Dubai and Los Angeles just to name a few can take any product endorsement and turn it into an elegant explanation of why any consumer would want to own it.

In the past few years, celebrity chefs have become the world’s most trusted celebrities. Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, Robert Irvine, Trisha Yearwood, Paula Deen, Sunny Anderson, Marcus Samuelsson and so many others could be the perfect fit for your next cooking demonstration, trade show, product endorsement or public relations campaign utilizing a celebrity chef. These top celebrity chefs can deliver a perfected message pointed at your target demographic such as women and moms aged 35-55 that cook but want unique and special products in their kitchens.

Corporations and their agencies are flocking to hire celebrity chefs because they can deliver, they’re very likeable, and they have made a career out of serving others. Credibility is still one of the most important factors when you hire a celebrity spokesperson and celebrity chefs are at the top of that list. With our database of over 600 celebrity chefs, it has never been easier to find and book a celebrity chef for a host of different celebrity chef appearances and marketing campaigns.

If you’re in the market to hire a celebrity chef, let Celebrity Chef Network’s expert celebrity chef booking agents help you find out fees, availability and interest from today’s iconic culinary craftsman. Contact us today to speak to a celebrity chef agent about booking a celebrity chef for your next trade show, special event, fundraiser or marketing campaign!

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