Celebrity Chef Network is an exclusive consulting firm established to represent the buyer of Celebrity Chefs, not the Celebrity Chef. At Celebrity Chef Network, we have no conflicts of interest since we do not represent any Celebrity Chef in any form. It is important to recognize that Celebrity Chef Network is acting as a consultant for any booked activity on behalf of a client. At no time does Celebrity Chef Network claim to represent exclusively any one personality on its website(s) as their agent, manager, attorney, booking representative, publicist, etc.

Any materials listed on the Celebrity Chef Network website(s), whether it is a biography, list, story, blog, online content, tweet, post, or any other mention or inclusion of a Celebrity Chef’s name, picture, image and likeness should be considered a tool to assist a Celebrity Chef buyer and should not be considered making any type of representation of Celebrity Chef or guaranteeing of their availability, interest in any opportunity, fees, travel from location, etc.

Celebrity Chef Network does not work as a publicist or conduit for any Celebrity Chef listed on its website(s). Request for the following will not be possessed:
• Autograph requests
• Charitable donation requests
• Fan mail
• Invitations for media events and award shows
• Media Interviews
• Non-paid appearances
• Personal contacts or agent contact

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Celebrity Chef Network is an exclusive consulting firm established to represent the buyer of Celebrities, not the Celebrity.

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