hire-celebrity-chef-robert-irvineGold’s Gym Finds the Perfect Spokesperson in Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine 

Barbells and nutritious eats, these are a few of Robert Irvine’s favorite things. This summer the famous celebrity chef has teamed up with Gold’s Gym in an effort to help fitness and nutrition enthusiasts cut calories with healthy summer meal options. Most people can relate to running out of dinner ideas and going out to eat because you have exhausted your go-to dishes. This is a great opportunity for Irvine to combine his love for fitness and healthy eating to provide others with a cornucopia of low-calorie, mouthwatering meal recipes. These signature recipes will be healthier variations of popular recipes that still provide that great taste so we don’t have to sacrifice our taste buds or our skinny jeans!

The top restaurateur and Food Network TV personality has over 25 years of experience in the culinary industry and recently made an appearance on Fox News donning his Gold’s Gym tee to discuss his healthy barbeque secrets for the summer. Irvine has warned that a person can consume around 3,000 calories while attending a barbecue dinner due to the meat, chips and dips, appetizers, desserts and drinks. Scary? Yes, but don’t back out of your summer cookout plans just yet! Irvine’s advice for a guiltless summer cookout season includes grill season favorites and even some tantalizing desserts like a light version of decadent chocolate mousse. The celebrity chef’s list of recipes continues to grow as the summer months roll on and Irvine is slated to make his next appearance at the Atlantic City Food $ Wine Festival.

The fearless chef and fitness guru has been named one of the “25 Fittest Guys in America” by Men’s Fitness magazine. Irvine’s winning combination of passion for food and fitness makes him a perfect fit to reach Gold’s Gym’s prime demographic that includes fitness and nutrition enthusiasts from all levels. Yet the Restaurant: Impossible host is not the only who is making efforts to follow the recent trend in creating healthy recipes this season. Fellow Food Network Star and celebrity chef, Bobby Flay has highlighted tips for healthy summer cooking in his new television series, Barbecue Addiction: Bobby’s Basics. The famous chef has delivered his summer grilling commandments and the all-star lineup of ingredients that should make up the pantry. Additionally, Food Network star and restaurateur Aaron Sánchez recently shared tips and recipes for preparing classic Latin cuisine with fresh ingredients low in calories.

Celebrity chefs Robert Irvine, Bobby Flay, Aaron Sanchez and still others like Giada De Laurentiis have made extra efforts to give the public lighter, healthier meal options in recent months. It seems the public is always searching for new, healthy alternatives and who better to deliver them then the biggest names in the culinary industry? Booking a celebrity chef like Robert Irvine in this time when everyone seems to be finding their new health kick could do wonders for any corporate event, cooking demonstration, or personal appearance opportunity. Being mindful of industry trends and the celebrity chefs who are taking action is key to choosing the right celebrity chef for your next event and here’s our full list of available celebrity chefs who specialize in healthy cuisine to give you a head start on your competition!

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