Famous TV chef Jamie Oliver has announced plans to open an operation of his most successful restaurant to date, Jamie’s Italian, here in the U.S. The celebrity chef’s managing director, Simon Blagden, is organizing the plans for the new restaurant, which would be Oliver’s first U.S. establishment.

Currently, Jamie’s Italian, which serves traditional Italian food at high street prices, is open at 24 sites across the United Kingdom in cities from Glasgow to Brighton. Further openings are scheduled in St. Albans and Manchester for this Spring.

Jamie Oliver has made the decision to enter the U.S. restaurant market because of his emerging television presence. The TV chef has become well known in the U.S. for his ABC show, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” and for numerous talk show and cooking show appearances.

While the plans to open a Jamie’s Italian in America are still in the beginning stages, chef Jamie Oliver is still making a name for himself here in the states. The TV chef has been making headlines by calling for healthier foods in U.S. public schools and challenging national health policies. In addition, chef Oliver has been advocating for the need to educate children about nutrition and proper food choices, so as to combat the growing health issues that America’s youth face today.

Oliver’s devotion to helping solve the health and nutrition issues that face today’s youth is well documented. The famous chef has even served as an inspirational speaker at the annual TED Talks meetings, engaging audiences around the world and garnering support for his mission. Because of his passion for this cause, chef Oliver would make a great spokesperson or inspirational speaker for a food or other brand looking to align itself with this health movement. Should a company choose to hire Jamie Oliver as speaker or spokesperson, that brand could receive instant credibility in the market place due to Chef Oliver’s celebrity status and might receive positive consumer sentiment for the alignment with a noble health cause.

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