For many years, Paula Deen, the self-proclaimed queen of Southern Cuisine, has been cooking her way into the hearts of the American public. Known for her supersized southern charm and tendency to add copious amounts of butter and sugar to any recipe, Deen has hosted many cooking shows and is a mainstay on the Food Network.

However, Paula Deen recently announced on the “Today” show that she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes three years ago. Instead of peddling sweets and advocating for the use of butter, the Southern Cuisine specialist Deen will now serve as an advocate for healthier living.

She and her sons, Jamie and Bobby, will be paid by Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk to lend their Celebrity Chef Endorsement to an upbeat public relations campaign entitled, “Diabetes in a New Light.” The goal of the campaign is to advocate the use of a new, noninsulin injectable diabetes medication, Victoza, in combination with eating lighter foods and increasing physical activity. Paul Deen recently began taking Victoza.

Beyond Paula Deen’s diabetes announcement, the Deen family continues to make waves as Bobby recently released a new healthy cooking show, “Not My Mama’s Meals,” last month. In this show, which airs on the Food Network, Bobby remakes his mother’s famous Southern Cuisine recipes with healthier twists.

While Paula Deen’s diabetes announcement was certainly met with scrutiny and skepticism, thousands of supporters tweeted and posted support on her Facebook wall after the revelation.

More than 25 million Americans are believed to suffer from various forms of diabetes, and Paula Deen’s announcement put the spotlight once again on this epidemic. Her decision to try and promote healthier living should be taken seriously by all and opens up commercial opportunities for companies looking to attach their brands to a health initiative.

Because of her notoriety as a chef and television personality, Paula Deen would make the perfect spokesperson for a company looking to utilize a Celebrity Chef Endorsement to build their brand. Her tie-in with a current health issue makes her an even more attractive option for a Celebrity Chef Endorsement, and opportunities abound for companies to utilize Deen in commercial opportunities such as a public speaking appearance or specialized event.

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