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All across the country, the food industry is transforming. You can see it from coast to coast, north to south, and everywhere in between. Still, some things never change. That holds true for the old standby New York City and its ever prominent food scene. Celebrity Chef Speakers Bureau New York was built specifically to connect companies and organizations with top celebrity chefs in New York for special events and marketing campaigns.

It’s no surprise that our most famous chefs all have at least a presence in New York. We love their drive, their intellect, and their grit in creating the very best dishes. Chefs who thrive in New York are motivators who can ignite a little passion in all of us. These top celebrity chefs are excellent choices for speaking events, demonstrations, cooking events, food festivals, and appearances (with a little bite to go with it, perhaps?). You can learn so much from a good chef, but you can learn even more from a chef who can make it in a tight situation – literally, have you seen these kitchens?

Here’s why New York City is the prime food center of the country, and why you should hire a famous chef who lives and works in the city that never sleeps and loves to eat!

It’s The Big Apple for A Reason:

We all know New York City has everything. From art institutions, dance, music, business, architecture, technology, and education, whatever you’re into, New York has it, and it’s the best. The same goes for restaurants. The world-renowned city attracts people from all over. Not just as diners, but for people looking to make it in the cooking industry. We’re talking a kid from a farm in Kansas, or a chef in Prague who wants to take his career a step further and make his mark. This is where budding chefs come to cut their teeth, be it in culinary school, or as a busboy, New York City is the place to ignite a cooking career.

That also means it has the food to match. Some say the best food in the world is in New York City. Which is to say, people come to New York and expect to eat well. So that means the food has to be on point. It’s trial by fire, and the result is an impeccable, delicious stomping ground full of talented top celebrity chefs for hire.

Location, Location, Location:

This tight, dense metropolis has approximately 45,000 restaurants. You can eat anywhere in New York, and everything’s accessible, given the small geographical area and excellent public transportation.

But New York is made up of neighborhoods, and each one has its own flair and design, which means uptown you’re going to get one kind of dinner, maybe something traditional and upscale like Jean-Georges from French culinary genius Jean-Georges Vongerichten; while in the West Village you’ll get a stellar, lower key but trendy dinner from a place like April Bloomfield’s The Spotted Pig. Head down to the Lower East Side for the best brunch in the city at a tiny little restaurant Prune by Gabrielle Hamilton, or shuffle out to Park Slope to dine at Top Chef star Dale Talde’s aptly-named Talde, or, finally, set out for some hipster fare in Williamsburg at Sam Talbot’s Pretty Southern.

Go further, you can get the best Greek you’ve ever had in Astoria, Senegalese food in Harlem, and authentic Irish cuisine in the Bronx. Don’t forget about Food Network star Amanda Freitag‘s classic art deco diner Empire Diner in the city! The idea of New York is the food reflects the location, so you’re basically consuming your neighborhood’s culture.

The ability to have such diversity comes from New York’s geography. On the water, for fresh seafood, and it borders the Garden State, so the produce is local, and finally, its easy connection to Europe makes New York a place that invites an international flair. That means that when you hire celebrity chefs in New York, you have a full palette of options.

The New York Life:

The city that never sleeps is very tired. It doesn’t want to go home and roast a chicken in a teeny tiny kitchen that may or may not have a full-size stovetop. The lifestyle of the typical New Yorker is to eat out most nights of the week. If you are looking to open a restaurant, wouldn’t you want to run it in a place where millions of people are eating most of their meals out of their home?

And that neighborhood culture we were talking about? New Yorkers are into other – very few people who live in New York City are actually from there, which means that they aren’t just looking to have their own traditional food. It’s a city of curious people and diverse friendships. That means that chefs can try new things, get a little radical and niche, and people will be into it. One of the most popular restaurants in New York is The Meatball Shop, for example. Places like Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar, which is a very untraditional, creative bakery come confection eatery, are able to thrive like they do because of the way New Yorkers are – they want something different. Chefs don’t have to run the most expensive, fancy restaurants to be successful. They just have to make good food.

What These Means For You:

If New York is a great place for chefs to work their magic, it’s a prime place for you to find your next speaker. Here, you’ll find top chefs who have made it in this competitive, vibrant city. They’ll have incredible stories, inspiring tales about coming up in the industry, and motivating work ethic to entice your audience. There’s always something to take away from an entertaining chef.

In New York, you can do anything. Food truck events near a park, catered events at hotels for fundraisers, grand openings of a business at the location, or a party at a hip restaurant to drum up some press and word of mouth. Speaking events in theaters, cooking demonstrations at a school, a private party on a city rooftop, a cooking class held in someone’s personal kitchen, a panel discussion, really there are endless possibilities as to what you can do with a chef.

So, now what? You contact us!

We know the ins and outs of booking celebrity chefs of all levels in New York. When we talk, we’ll get into celebrity chef fees, which chef is best for you in your budget (come with a budget!). Our chef booking agents from Celebrity Chef Speakers Bureau New York will guide you through all financial breakdown, from food costs, to menu conception, logistics, necessary equipment rentals, and venue details you need to keep in mind, for whatever kind of event you want to put on. We can help with ideas, both for the chef you use, and for creative ways to utilize that chef for your event. Booking a celebrity chef with us is a flawless, fun process.

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