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Andy LoRusso

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Celebrity chef for hire Andy LoRusso made his big break with the timeless cookbook Sing & Cook Italian. From a large Sicilian family, Andy has spent his life surrounded by Italian cooking. Also a gifted musician, it only makes sense that Andy was destined to become “The Singing Chef”.

Andy began his career as a recording artist, producing jazzy tunes. This can be seen in The Singing Chef’s first record: Side A – The Great Magic of Love and Side B – Dancing Master. Later, Andy moved to California, studying great Italian composers under the tutelage of Giovanna d’Onofrio. Finally arriving upon the idea to combine his love of the Italian cooking and music, “The Singing Chef” was officially born.

Nowadays, Andy travels the world performing at various events. He is very popular at casinos, resorts, trade shows and conventions. Most popular is his Taste of Italy Show. Here, Andy offers a 90-minute performance and four course meal for guests, satisfying their hunger for both food and entertainment. For example, he has made appearances at the Unico Santa Barbara Key Note and the South Lake Tahoe Food & Wine Festival. In addition, Andy made a very memorable performance at Longtable Restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey. This was booked by Capa-Marka Entertainment Productions who oversees four exclusive restaurants in Istanbul. Andy also sang for over 50,000 guests at the prestigious Isle of Wight Festival. Joining him, Rock icons like Sting, The Police, and the Sex Pistols headlined the event. You might also see Andy making television appearances on The Food Network and numerous local morning TV features.

Andy has several new projects including his 25th Anniversary Edition, Sing & Cook with Andy LoRusso The Singing Chef. Best of all, this edition is accompanied by his “That’s Amore” CD, so you can enjoy Andy’s complete culinary production at home. He has also come up with a more modern CD release, Cooking Cabaret: An International Cooking Musical. Not only a soundtrack, this playlist will become a musical debuting in theaters all over the United States and Canada. Andy is also in the process of producing a TV pilot for a show that will dramatically reunite estranged families by inviting them to recreate original family recipes while singing and cooking together.

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