Kelsey Shade

Does Virtual Events:
TV Show: No
Cookbook: No
Restaurant: No
Cuisine: American
Fee Range:

Lets Get Social

Instrgram Followers: 637
TikTok Followers: 229.3K


At a very young age, Kelsey fell in love with the art of cooking. She learned the basics of cooking from her Italian grandmother. She began to realize how cooking brought family together and it soon became like second nature to her. By age 12, she had already known that she wanted to turn her love for the kitchen into a career. Kelsey worked at The Culinary Institute of America and McCormick doing recipe development and teaching cooking classes. Her latest achievement involved Kelsey teaching at a cooking school in Italy where she learned most of her pasta making skills. 
Her first video on TikTok, which featured her showing the audience how to properly use and hold a knife, reached 2 million views and hit 100k followers in just two weeks. She noticed that many of her followers wanted to cook chef worthy recipes but were intimidated of the kitchen. So she began posting simple techniques and tips that would help people become more comfortable cooking at home.  Her passion for cooking and helping home cooks learn simple recipes that can bring their families closer together like hers, is the reason she continues to cook.
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