Steven Raichlen

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Celebrity Speaker Chef Steve Raichlen is an award winning celebrity chef, author and television personality. He is mostly widely known for his efforts in reinventing modern barbecue. Defeating the highly known Japanese Iron Chef, Rokusaburo Michiba, in the “Battle of the Barbecue Gods”, he offers an unbeatable experience when booking celebrity chefs for any accommodating event!

His career in cooking started with his interest in French literature. He then was led into a fellowship where he went to Europe to study middle ages and medieval cooking. In doing so, he trained at two prestigious cooking schools in Paris, La Varenne and Le Cordon Bleu.

Having a literature and culinary arts background, he excels in his creation when combining both topics. Most of Chef Raichlen’s cooking books have a common theme regarding global grilling and the culture surrounding it. In total, he has created and written 31 books, which include “How to Grill”, “BBQ USA”, Healthy Latin Cooking”, and “The Barbecue Bible”.

Aside from his own endeavors with writing, he has also written for “Food & Wine”, “The New York Times” and “National Geographic Traveler”. For two years, Steven Raichlen hosted the hit show “Primal Grill”. Where he gave tips, techniques and tutorials on how to cook on the grills of all sorts.

Chef Raichlen is famously known for his TV hosting and appearances, along with his creation of the hit TV show “Barbecue University”. This is also the name of an all inclusive three course meal that Raichlen founded in Colorado Springs which specializes in all things related to grill and barbecue university.

Throughout Chef Raichlen’s career, he has accomplished a great deal of restaurant and chef awards. He has created many cookbooks, which he won many awards for. Such as the James Beard award for the Best Vegetarian Cookbook in 1996, Best Light and Healthy Cookbook in 1993, and James Beard Foundation/KitchenAid Book Award in 2001.

One of his more recent accomplishments is being inducted into the Barbecue Hall of Fame in 2015. After four years of research and traveling 150,000 miles across five continents, he also won an IACP Julia Child Award from the Julia Child Foundation. All of these accomplishments and awards make hiring Steven Raichlen the best move you can make for your corporate events!

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Nyesha Arrington

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Chef Nyesha J Arrington is an accomplished celebrity chef, speaker, entrepreneur, and restaurateur, who is commonly known for her advocacy of using locally sourced ingredients. She offers a unique and diverse experience for everyone who books her as a professional chef, or books her as a speaker.

Born in Southern California, she learned how to cook with her Korean grandmother at an early age. Chef Arrington was introduced to multiple diverse foods, such as bulgogi, octopus, and homemade kimchi to name a few. These cooking techniques shaped the way Chef Arrington developed her unique cooking ideas as a personal chef, including a style of being personal and exceptional.

Along with her attraction to the food world, she always had a deep interest in art. In doing so, she cooked with a deep understanding of global inspiration and the idea of “Every plate is like a canvas”.

Chef Arrington graduated from the Art Institute of California, located in Los Angeles. Famous Chef Josiah Citrin, owner of the two Michelin Star Mélisse restaurants, took her under his wing and became her mentor. This became a pivotal point in her fine dining career. Citrin made her a saucier at Mélisse then led her to help with the opening of two of his successful restaurants in Santa Monica.

After working with Citrin, Chef Arrington expanded to work with the incredible French Chef Joël Robuchon at his Mobil award winning and Michelin starred restaurant in Las Vegas. 

In 2011-2013, Chef Arrington was the Executive Chef at Wilshire restaurant, where restaurant critic Brad Johnson named her the Rising Star. Since then, she has been featured in numerous cooking shows including winning the competition on the Food Network’s series “Chef Hunter” and “Knife Fight” on Esquire Network. She was also a contestant on “Top Chef” and then returned back on “Knife Fight” to be a Guest Chef Judge.

Aside from her outstanding television history, she was included in Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Jonathan Gold’s iconic list of 101 Best Restaurants for both of her dining concepts. Arrington was also a headliner in Austin for the Food and Wine Festival, featured on multiple covers of Delta Sky Magazine and Rachael Ray Everyday. As well as being mentioned in Food & Wine, GQ, Essence, and Bon Appétit.

More recently, Chef Arrington is now a star in Gordon Ramsey’s wildly successful and highly rated hit TV show “Next Level Chef”, which is a cooking competition that airs on FOX. This series is Gordon Ramsey’s biggest and most intense show yet.

Chef Arrington got the position of being one of the mentors alongside Gordon Ramsey and Richard Blais. In the show, she tries to recruit the best chefs in the industry and take them under her wing. The contestants compete against each other to become the next high-level megastar in the food world with the help of Chef Arrington!


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Katsuya Fukushima

Celebrity Chef Speaker Katsuya Fukushima is a math wiz who has used his college degree to shake up the culinary world through molecular gastronomy. His journey is a true inspiration and testimony of hard work and brains that not every ordinary chef has.

Katsuya was a double major in math and art but he knew while in college he was destined to chef. He enrolled at L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, Maryland and never looked back. Chef Katsuya worked several line cook jobs within the next few years; one being Cashion’s Eat Place under the guidance of Ann Cashion. Soon after his work for her he decided to fully devote himself to Jaleo, a tapas bar in Bethesda. After working at Jaleo for 3 years he assisted the esteemed owner and celebrity chef  Jose Andres in opening Café Atlantico where Katsuya was offered the chef de cuisine position.

His experience as Jaleo’s chef de cuisine gave Katsuya a presumable amount of freedom in how he wanted to prepare the menu. Chef Katsuya then began to unlock the wonders of molecular gastronomy. The term refers to new and inventive way of using science to aid your cooking. Katsuya was even recognized by Bon Appetit magazine as being the “pioneer” of molecular gastronomy.

In 2010 Katsuya competed against Jose Garces on Iron Chef: America in the battle of Mahi Mahi; he won with ease. Since then Katsuya has made several appearances on cooking shows such as Meet the Chef, No Reservations, and Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie. He recently opened his own restaurant in Washington. D.C. in 2013 named Daikaya. Daikaya features a highly personal and hand crafted menu that reflects all of Katsuya’s dreams and experiences.

When he is not in the kitchen, Katsuya enjoys volunteering at fundraisers and making appearances and speeches at local colleges. His two most noted appearances are at Alex’s Lemonade Stand and Autism Speaks. He also recently spoke with students at the College of William and Mary about hopes and aspirations and where they can take you if you work hard.

Pat LaFrieda

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Patrick LaFrieda is a born and raised Brooklyn native. As a full-blooded Italian, whose great-great grandfather grew up in Italy working in a butcher shop, it was only by nature that Pat LaFrieda would come to own the butcher shop known as LaFrieda meats.

In the late 1980’s, Pat began to learn the trade from his father, Pat Jr, at the young age of 12 years old. Pat disregarded warnings from his father about the time and effort that would be required as a butcher shop owner. It was certainly no secret that Pat Junior knew the ins and outs, as his father and his father before him had all been in the butcher industry.

In 2010, Pat LaFrieda III decided that the business had outgrown the space they had in Brooklyn and they moved the meat shop to North Bergen, NJ. Additionally, the name of the business was changed from LaFrieda Meats to Pat LaFrieda and Sons Meat Purveyors, which was certainly a much more suited name for the company.hire-pat-lafrieda

Today, LaFrieda and Sons Meat Purveyors provides high quality cuts of meat to thousands of restaurants, which serve more than 300,000 people on a daily basis. Pat’s ability to create special custom blends of meat has been desired by restaurants around the country, and the business utilizes dry-aging rooms within the 36,000 square-foot meat house to make sure that customers get the highest quality of meats available.

You can hire Patrick LaFrieda for your business or restaurant to provide you with some of the finest quality meat available on the market. Pat LaFrieda and Sons Meat Purveyors provide more than 75,000 hamburgers to customers in the area, and all are part of the hundreds of custom blends that Pat has learned to create through learning what previous generations have taught him.

Pat LaFrieda’s family has been in the business for 90 years now in the United States, and it’s expected that both him and his sons will continue the tradition that all started back in a little town of Italy. Pat LaFrieda and Sons Meat Purveyors are ready to take your order for the freshest cuts and finest meats available on the market today.

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Daphne Oz

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SHOWS: The Chew

BIO: Daughter of Dr. Mehmet Oz, Daphne Oz penned her national bestseller, The Dorm Room Diet as her approach to a successful approach for the college student to avoid the “Freshman 15.” With the success of this book, she earned herself feature in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, People, The Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, and many more.

A frequent speaker on health, wellness, lifestyle issues, conscious cooking, consumer education and empowerment, Daphne Oz was invited to speak at Maria Shriver’s Governor’ Women’s Conference and a featured speaker at The Aspen Institute. Daphne is an ambassador for HealthCorps and is currently a guest co-host on ABC’s The Chew with Michael Symon, Carla Hall, Mario Batali and Clinton Kelly.  Daphne Oz is available for speaking engagements, personal appearances and endorsements.

APPEARANCES: The Chew, The Dr. Oz Show, The View, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, The Dr. Oz Show, The Nate Berkus Show, The Tyra Banks Show, LXNY, Dayside, Good Day New York, The Geraldo Rivera Show, KTLA Morning News, and Fox Chicago News at Noon

BOOKS: The Dorm Room Diet: The 10-Step Program for Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Plan That Really Works, The Dorm Room Diet Planner

TO WORK WITH DAPHNE OZ: Celebrity Speaker Daphne Oz can be hired for endorsements and events in roles such as public speaker, autograph signings, hosting, SMT’S, public relation campaigns, team building events and corporate hospitality.

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