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Faith Ford is a celebrity in multiple realms of the entertainment world.  Most well known for being an actress, Faith had leading roles in the popular television shows, Murphy Brown and Hope & Faith.  During her tutelage at acting school she was classmates with famous comedians Jim Carey, Ellen DeGeneres, and actress Molly Ringwald.

The Emmy nominated actress did not limit herself to only success in movies and television, but explored her talents in the culinary world as well. Author of the 5-star rated cookbook, Cooking with Faith: 125 Classic and Healthy Southern Recipes, Ford learned her artistry in the kitchen from her mother and grandmother as they cooked southern dishes in her childhood home in Louisiana.

As a young model and actress, Faith Ford had to alter her family’s traditional dishes into healthier versions in order to continue her career and keep her healthy.  Ford suffered form an ongoing battle with Graves’ disease and constantly persevered to continue her virtuous career.  Her toughness and bravery have inspired many suffering from thyroid diseases as she survived and is healthier than ever, thanks to her doctors and a healthy diet. Celebrity Chef Faith Ford understands the importance of a healthy diet for a person’s career and life, and enjoys helping all recognize this.

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