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    About Celebrity Chef Network

    We are leading international consulting firm specializing in celebrity chefs for appearances and events.

    Celebrity Chef Network is the leading corporate consulting agency for celebrity chef acquisition with a client-first philosophy and a clear mission to help brands and companies maximize their celebrity chef investment through fee transparency and our expertise on the hundreds of celebrity chefs leading the industry forward today. We demystify the process to ensure your celebrity chef needs are fulfilled seamlessly, cost effectively and on time.

    The Celebrity Chef Network team has negotiated millions of dollars in deals over 15+ years of consulting with corporations, brands, universities, non-profits, etc. on utilizing celebrity chefs for various executions. When you work with Celebrity Chef Network to secure a celebrity chef for a cooking demonstration, keynote speaking engagement or other corporate hospitality duties, your company or client will benefit from the following:

    1. Celebrity Chef Network has the resources, expertise, and access to create our ‘CELEBRITY CHEF MATCH’ result that is based on an analysis of your specific celebrity chef hiring requirements and goals based on our database’s ability to search by chefs with TV shows, chefs with cookbooks, chefs with restaurants, chefs by cuisine, chefs by fee, etc. Our highly intuitive “chef match” database gives us options other companies can’t match!
    2. To maximize the return on your celebrity chef investment, Celebrity Chef Network works for you, not the celebrity chef, period. Celebrity Chef Network evaluates your needs and recommends the celebrity chef that best fits those needs. We make unbiased recommendations based on your unique requirements, budgets and deadlines! Once a celebrity chef is targeted, Celebrity Chef Network negotiates contracts on your behalf.
    3. We eliminate hidden speakers bureau fees by booking directly with the agents, managers, assistants, lawyers and, frequently, directly with the celebrity chefs. Hidden commissions from middlemen can easily add 25-40% to the actual cost of execution. Celebrity Chef Network, themselves, will only charge the contractually agreed-upon fee for our consulting services, guaranteeing 100% transparency on your transaction.
    4. Avoid “Flipped Contracts” and potential legal issues! “Flipping Contracts” is unfortunately a common practice in celebrity chef negotiations, whereby the broker has separate contracts with the celebrity chef buyer and the client. This situation creates a conflict of interest and more importantly, creates a situation with no transparency on fees and contract language. Ultimately, the celebrity chef buyer has no legal access to the celebrity chef or legal protection, only the broker or middleman. These are dangerous and very poor business practices!
    5. We can book celebrity chefs at the last minute! While not an ideal scenario, we know this sometimes is unavoidable. Celebrity Chef Network has developed the industry’s premiere last minute booking support program. If your celebrity chef needs are within 30 days, Celebrity Chef Network will assign a team of experts guided by senior management to service your request immediately. You can be assured that your request will be prioritized by the Celebrity Chef Network team.

    At the end of the day, we leverage our celebrity acquisition experience to make your job easier, less stressful and more successful. Remember, what makes us different is our allegiance to you, the celebrity chef buyer.

    For an immediate consultation, contact us via email at or call:
    (974) 217-2967.

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