With the massive disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, companies and
agencies are scrambling to fulfill their obligation to train, entertain and offer
their employees and clients something unique. Experiential agencies, PR
agencies, marketing and corporate communication offices are working overtime
to bring their corporations something special. Here are The Digital Renegades,
we offer best in category service and pricing when you are looking to hire a
celebrity or influencer to bring your audience to their feet, event as they work
from home.

What Are the Benefits?

Cost efficiency:
There is no question a cost differential from hosting an event in some major city
and having a virtual event. So, while the Entertainment is a fractional part of
the event, the costs involved are substantial. From talent fees, travel, housing,
etc. The cost of the venue is clearly the most expensive along with travel. But
a virtual event can be financially managed much more efficient.

Ease of Execution:
The ability to link up with a celebrity or influencer through a streaming service
is far more time efficient, easier to manage and mostly a very straight forwardprocess. Having a moderator taking audience questions and asking the talent is
always a nice touch to personalize these virtual events.

Unique Talent:
Having a virtual event actually opens you up to unique talent in two different
manners. One, is the ability to get an A list celebrity that might normally be too
expensive and or unavailable as they are on-set shooting. So that is a nice added
benefit. Secondarily, it opens the doors to research new and fresh faces. A
great example of this is the difference between hiring a Food Network chef and
a social media chef with a massive follower base. Take Iron Chef Cat Cora. An
amazing chef with an incredible CV. But for a fraction of the cost you could
have Vivian Aronson cooking star from Instagram and TikTok (@cookingbomb). Vivian’s infectious personality, unique story of coming to the United States and her amazing editing make her a favorite of major brands
such as Dole, Smithfield and Kettle and Fire. The mark has expanded and
social media stars/influencers are filling a huge void of unique content and
personality for significantly less than the “superstars” of yesteryear.

Deliver Results:
In the end, we all have to deliver results and provide value. Our jobs require
that. Results are measured and evaluated differently depending your goals. But
one universal goal is to make sure those in attendance have a good time are
provided with great information and are inspired in whatever direction you
desire. Virtual events are perfectly situated for creating an intimate event no
matter how many may actually be in attendance.

Represent the Company and/or brand well:
Ultimately, these events are part of how a company, brand and even a division
or department within your company represents itself. Flawless execution, the
ability to provide great context and content while offering the attendees
something unique is a powerful program. The great thing about these types of
virtual events is that they can be replicated over and over again with or without
the same talent. Virtual events are not a fad nor are they going away soon. In fact the market-
place and fees will start to stabilize and probably trend up. As the talent
agencies start to understand the significant value their clients can still provide in
this new format, they will not undersell them.

So, the requirement for cost efficiency is one of timing and effort. What we do
at The Digital Renegades is marry talent and opportunity at the best price
possible taking into consideration the need for the best execution in the
business. Whether we are vetting talent and/or influencers, negotiating talent
deals, handling logistics and making sure we have ample time to conceptualize
the best formats and streaming events, The Digital Renegades are experts. We
take pride in providing unbiased talent choices and the best efforts of our 30
years of negotiating talent deals. You would be hard pressed to find an agency
better qualified to provide you and your team more dedicated professionals
ready to roll up their sleeves and work hard!

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