The next feta pasta is coming – let’s upgrade your product to “trending” status.

When a new recipe or food trend hits TikTok, there’s not a For You Page that goes untouched by food influencers and cooking influencers trying out the newest “food hack.” The world has watched (and tasted) as various trends, ranging from whipped coffee (Dalgona coffee) to feta pasta, have come along and taken their place among the top viral TikTok trends. Even famous instagram chefs and famous food Instagrammers have hopped on these viral moments, bridging the gap between home chefs and top 10 food influencers.

These trends don’t stop when users close the TikTok app after a scrolling session. They have made their way into kitchens across the world, and have had profound influence on other social media platforms. Top food blogs on Instagram and food influencer’s YouTube channels have taken up demonstrating the same trends started by TikTok.

As a top food influencer agency, the Digital Renegades’ food and lifestyle influencers (the Food Renegades) are prepared to help your brand get in on the next viral moment. By creating unique recipes featuring your products, our Food Renegades are sure to delight with delicious home cooked meals.


Sonny Hurrell, @thatdudecancook, has been serving up good eats for the past 17 years, and his 4 million followers on TikTok can’t get enough. A former Chef for celebrities, he now entertains and delights audiences on social media with his high energy and passion for making excellent food. His dishes range from American classics, to experimental dining.

Hopping on the latest TikTok food trend, pasta chips, Sonny put his own spin on the viral dish. At over 100k likes on TikTok, Sonny’s recipe is a prime example of how a brand could gain visibility for their pasta or cheese products.

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Marco Sanchez takes you on a cinematic adventure with every dish he posts, and the TikTok community can’t get enough. Marco is based in California’s Central Valley, and loves using high-quality local ingredients in his dishes that you can’t find elsewhere.

Also hopping on the pasta chip trend, Marco put a spin on the TikTok fad by using cheese filled tortellini. After watching his video, fans are thoroughly disappointed that they can’t taste through their phone screen. With nearly 400k views (and several declarations from fans that Marco “won” the pasta chip trend), a quick flash of the product packaging could have been an easy and effective revenue generating opportunity for the makers of those delicious tortellini.


Reply to @nick.digiovanni Bacon and Cheese Tortellini Pasta Chips! #pastachips #pastachipschellenge #tiktoktrends #tiktoksnacks

♬ Beggin’ – Måneskin

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Ilana Muhlstein MS RDN is a licensed dietician whose content focuses on good eating, including easy recipes for great food and healthy beverages. Ilana loves sharing her favorite products and ingredients with her followers – why can’t yours be next? 

She recently shared her love of Nasoya Pasta Free Spaghetti as an alternative for the traditionally high-carb dish staple, and followers were eager to find out where they could find the noodles. The video success soared, at over 128k views, giving Nasoya a bump up in consumer’s eyes. 

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Known as “that smoothie girl” on TikTok, Nicole is one of the most prolific food and drink influencers across social media. Nicole has jumped on the trend of experimenting with the fruit in unexpected ways, and her recipes have easily become smash hits.

In a partnership with Vita Coco Coconut Water, Nicole created a summer watermelon smoothie sure to hit the spot on a hot day. By using watermelon, a trending summer ingredient on TikTok, this natural partnership landed over 100k views, and set off a chain of copycat home chefs trying it out for themselves.


the most refreshing watermelon smoothie using @vitacoco Coconut Water!! ???? #vitacocopartner #fyp #watermelon #nationalsmoothieday

♬ original sound – Nicole Renard

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Based in New Jersey, Tara Ippolito takes her followers on a journey with every recipe. She loves to cook meals rooted in her Italian background, but also whips up fantastic recipes for just about anything under the sun.

Also experimenting with Watermelon, Tara put a boozy spin on a watermelon slushee by using the fan favorite White Claw Hard Seltzer as a main ingredient. The video was short, sweet, and enticing, and generated user conversation about favorite flavors of White Claw. Many fans also put in their two cents about their favorite White Claw hacks to create their summer sips.


What’s the worst white claw flavor & why is it lemon ? ? #whiteclaw #slushy #drinks

♬ original sound – msjacksonn89

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In the kitchen, food and drink influencer Lauren focuses on easy Keto recipes that feature lots of fruits and vegetables. Her creations are healthy, delicious, satisfying, and don’t take a long time to make. Recently, her chicken with creamy Italian cheese sauce took over TikTok as foodies across the app rushed to try out the delicious concoction. She used (and displayed) one of her favorite ingredients, Boursin Garlic & Herb Cheese, and called it out by name in the recipe, which went on to receive over 2.4 million views.

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When it comes to making waves in the social space, we have the best food bloggers on instagram, the most influential food bloggers on TikTok, and the best TikTok food videos just waiting to be made with your products. Whether you’re looking for new ways to use your plant based products or the perfect sear on your top-shelf cuts of meat, our roster is loaded with food influencers with potential reaches of millions of followers and foodies.

Whether it’s everyday ingredients, specialty items, or cookware, we have a Food Renegade for you to take your brand to new heights, find new audiences, and find new ways to cook with your products. Who knows – it just might turn into the next viral trend on TikTok.

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