As the pandemic is still going on throughout the world, so is the rise of virtual events. Many corporations continue to see how useful and convenient virtual events are, and have seen the great opportunities that could be made through one. If you or your corporation is looking to hire some chefs for your virtual event look no further. Here are the top 3 chefs to hire.

3. Ashely Hupp (Paradise Bartender)

Alright for our first contender will be breaking the rules a bit since Ashely isn’t really a chef per say. Although, she does make tasty items that people enjoy, so will count her as one. Ashley, better known as the Paradise Bartender, has been mixing drinks and shaking cocktails on TikTok since 2019, when a slow night working at a restaurant ended with her filming herself making a Mai Tai.

She posted it on the platform, and it went viral. Since then, she has grown her audience to over 2.9 million, with over 77 million likes – and it just keeps growing by the day. Ashley has a way to light up the crowd with her wild and colorful drinks!

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2. Kat Ashmore

Having developed recipes for Martha Stewart, as well as producing an Emmy award winning TV series, Kat is a professionally trained chef. In addition, Kat was also a Food & Entertaining Buyer for Indigo, Canada’s largest book retailer, developing seasonal retail, cookbook, and culinary assortments and private label recipes.

Kat has a 790k+ following and is focused on real food recipes, cooking tips for busy individuals, teaching home cooks how to use affordable, convenient foods to create nourishing and exciting meals. Her goal is to empower cooks to make delicious, healthy meals for themselves and their families, while having fun! One of her most recently viewed video is her baking apple tart with 35k likes and 419.4k views.

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1. Trazia Rae

Born in Florida, Trazia has lived a lot of life in her 25 years. Starting as a model posting pictures on Instagram, Trazia’s fame came when she posted on TikTok bringing home a chicken which garnered over 100,000 views and a star was born. Always a fan of cooking, Trazia integrates her southern roots with affordable and sensible comfort food for everyone.

With her model good looks and girl next door charm, Trazia utilizes her fame to help women overcome obstacles and uses food, fashion and fun to connect with her massive female audience. Trazia has 1.3 million followers, 90% women and over 14,000,000 views a month of her content on TikTok. One of her highest viewed videos is her making a roasted garlic pasta, with 185.5k likes and 1.9 Million views. 

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