Recognized as the Naked Chef in the United Kingdom, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has claimed the title as the second-most successful chef in the United States. Rising in notoriety for his charity work with children, Oliver is known for his use of high-quality ingredients in healthy cuisine. The charismatic chef has a growing fan base and newfound role as a celebrity chef speaker, media personality and spokesperson for healthy living, particularly for children. Jamie Oliver has made it a goal to improve the quality of eating and lifestyle within the United Kingdom and now the United States.

Jamie Oliver found fame after his cookbook, “The Naked Chef” became a number one bestseller in England and his show debuted in the United Kingdom and United States. His cooking technique focuses on ingredient-driven food to create healthy cuisine.  The celebrity chef now owns restaurants throughout the world, and according to researchers, is recognizable among Americans. Despite huge success as a media personality and celebrity chef speaker, Jamie Oliver is also a passionate activist for healthy, affordable food for children to decrease the exponentially growing obesity rates throughout the world.

After revolutionizing the British school system’s food through his “Feed me Better” campaign, Oliver was able to have political influence as the British government pledged to help improve the quality of life for schoolchildren. He taught schools how to prepare fresh ingredients to create healthy cuisine at a fair cost. This chef brought his talents and message to the United States through his show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” which focused on changing an entire town in West Virginia through educating public schools and lobbying the school board and local government.  Oliver taught local families how to make conscious and easy choices in preparing food, and educated the town on the consequences of poor eating habits.

“The Naked Chef” continues to grow and succeed in the United States, and has brought positive influence in the increase of healthy cuisine and nutrition education through his charity work, public speaking and endorsements.

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