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Celebrity Chef for hire Daniel Patterson is a trendsetter in modern Californian cuisine. He is a celebrated, James Beard Award winning chef, restaurateur and food writer who has opened a number of successful restaurants in the San Francisco area. Today, he’s left the high end, fine dining food scene behind to open his own unique fast-food chain with fellow celebrity chef speaker Roy Choi called Loco’l.

Daniel grew up on the east coast in Massachusetts and is completely self-taught in the kitchen. He moved to Sonoma, California and opened his first restaurant Babette’s in 1994 at age 25. The French-inspired restaurant was open for 5 years before Daniel shifted his focus and opened another restaurant called Elizabeth Daniel in 2000. Both restaurants were heralded as foodie hot spots in the California food scene and it wasn’t long before Daniel had become one of the top celebrity chefs on the West Coast.

Daniel opened Coi in San Francisco in 2006. The restaurant featured haute cuisine with an emphasis on local ingredients and a more personal dining experience. Coi earned 2 Michelin Stars and was one of few restaurants to earn 4 stars from the San Francisco Chronicle. He now owns and operates several restaurants in the Oakland area called Plum Bar and Haven. Daniel has also become a quite popular food writer who has shared his comments on the culinary industry in columns for major publications such as Food & Wine Magazine, The New York Times and San Francisco Magazine.

What’s so great about Celebrity Chef Daniel is his commitment to the dining experience and satisfaction of those he feeds. It’s the reason why he chose to leave the high dollar food scene behind and get back to his ultimate goal of positively impacting as many people as possible through his food and the dining experience. And it’s working! Loco’l now has 2 locations in Oakland and San Francisco serving up great food at an affordable price.

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