Bravo Celebrity Chef, TV’s newest culinary sensation, Chef Roblé Ali is a member of TheGrio’s 100 List for 2012- listing him as one of the most influential black men in pop culture. On Chef Roblé’s new reality show, Chef Roblé & Co., Roblé and his sister plan elite events for high profile clients. Hire celebrity chef Roblé Ali for your next cooking demonstration.

The Houston native Ali has an extensive culinary background, having graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, and being the grandson of one of President John F. Kennedy’s chefs. By the time executives at Bravo identified Chef Roblé’s talent, he was already a rising star in the catering business. Soon after his graduation from the CIA, Roblé became the youngest-ever sous chef at the exclusive Abigail Kirsch catering company. Roblé Ali later served as Restaurant Mojo’s Chef de Cuisine under Chef Chris Santos, and became the executive chef at Avenue, a hip restaurant in Manhattan. Hire celebrity chef Roblé Ali to raise your event to a new level with his passion of cooking.

Bravo celebrity chef, TV’s newest hit talent Roblé Ali enjoys combining his self-proclaimed “Halfrican” heritage with classic recipes to create an innovative taste all his own.  Roblé’s culinary style and endearing humor have helped him to cook for megastars including the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, and Russell Simmons. Keeping with his family legacy of cooking for presidents, Roblé Ali recently catered a $30,000 per person fundraiser for President Obama. Hire celebrity chef Roblé Ali and experience food fit for a president.

Chef Roblé Ali is one of the few African-American celebrity chefs, let alone one of the few chefs with a successful reality show. Ali hopes to have a cooking show, or kitchenware line, to continue bringing his beloved style of cuisine to celebrities and families alike.

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