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Tom Kerridge is a British Celebrity Chef Speaker known for his big, bold flavors and beautiful food presentation. Not only is he a best-selling author and TV personality, Tom owns and operates a gastropub with his wife Beth called The Hand & Flowers that is the only pub ever to receive 2 Michelin stars. He recently opened his newest venture, a pub called The Coach in 2014. Coach, which is centered around a rotisserie cooking style is already receiving rave reviews and is expected to be a big hit in 2015.

As a young chef eager to learn the trade, he bounced around at several upstanding establishments around London. He earned a reputation as a capable sous chef at places like Odettes and Monsieur Max. Finally in 2005 he was ready to go out on his own and the now heralded pub The Hands & Flowers was born.

The skilled Celebrity Chef Speaker has made multiple TV appearances during his career in the spotlight. He frequently appears as a judge on the TV series Great British Menu was a guest chef on the BBC series Food and Drink in 2013. That same year he landed his own BBC TV series called Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food on the Cooking Channel where he shows people how to prepare pub favorites at home. The show has received positive feedback from viewers and critics. He was able to publish a best-selling cookbook named after the show in which he divulged many of his kitchen secrets that have earned his pub those coveted Michelin stars.

Tom’s second TV series, Best Ever Dishes, recently aired in the fall of 2014. Tom inspires home cooks to recreate family classics that every family member is sure to love. He has also published a cookbook based on this successful TV series and his every growing list of simple tricks to turn everyday dishes into fine dining cuisine.

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