robert-irvine-liveFans of the television star and Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine will be clamoring to see him during an appearance at the Ridgefield, CT Playhouse this Sunday. Chef Irvine is scheduled to perform a live cooking demonstration and sign books during the appearance. He is sure to offer funny antidotes, cooking tips and stories from the road as he travels the United States for his hit television series, Restaurant: Impossible, helping restaurant owners resurrect their businesses on $10,000 or less! Chef Robert Irvine has been hired by many organizations this year as he has become the favorite chef of the masses with his easy going personality and stern lecturing to carefully selected misfits of the restaurant business. Food Network selects these terrible chefs and restaurant owners for the show because they are so easily helped by Chef Irvine. Chef Robert’s hired makeover crew of designers and handymen take his vision and turn junk into jewels.

Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine has been contacted by many restaurants for his help but the Food Network Star only works with the worst of the worst because it makes for great television. His utter distain for chefs that leave proteins in liquid out of the refrigerator is classic! You can almost see his English blood boil as he turns red!

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