Like the lemmings going to San Juan Capistrano every year, the universe of foodies and celebrity chef fans from around the world will embark on another food festival journey in Miami next February hosted by the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. What an incredible tie in for the home network of TV cooking, inspiration and story-telling! With access to top celebrity chef speakers, cookbook authors and TV cooking personalities, the South Beach Wine & Food Festival is once again set to be the country’s preeminent stop for anyone interested in food and wine or those looking to meet their favorite top celebrity chefs.

Attendees will take in sponsor booths, celebrity chef cooking demonstrations, cookbook signings in addition to celebrity chef speaking engagements. Many of the most famous celebrity chefs will travel in to interact with thousands of their biggest fans! There are over 90 events and celebrity chef appearances that will take place at next year’s festival. Here is a small preview of the premiere events featuring top celebrity chefs:

Other world renowned top celebrity chefs that have been booked for personal appearances at next year’s festival include Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay, Martha Stewart and Guy Fieri. As a result, the 2017 SOBEWFF is setting up to be the best one yet!

All of these great celebrity chef speakers and food personalities will appear at SOBEWFF 2017 on behalf of companies and brands such as Kitchen-Aid, Amstel, Food Network and the Cooking Channel. In short, the value of a celebrity chef personality has never been higher! They are highly visible, relatable celebrity figures with the propensity to draw a crowd. In addition, celebrity chefs speak in a universal language: FOOD.

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